AMF Service Challenge Tour Begins!


Anthony Muñoz Foundation (AMF) will be starting off our AMF Service Challenge Tour this week at Hillsboro Christian Academy and Turpin High School. We will be going to their schools to see how their service challenge projects are coming along. If you haven’t heard of our AMF Service Challenge Project check out last week’s post here!


Turpin High School’s project, “Fun with 911”, gives back to their community’s first responders. On November 24th students will be holding a basketball game, students vs. police and firemen. They invited students from Mercer Elementary to cheer them on, as well as Chick- fil-A cows to get the crowd fired up! The $2 admission fee will be donated to the police and fire stations, as well as having prizes and gift cards to be raffled.

Last year they raised $4000 from the event,  which was donated to the fire and police stations. They expect and even better turn out this year, and we can’t wait to be a part of it!


Hillsboro Christian Academy is planning a luncheon to introduce their project, peer mentoring. At this event elementary and middle school students will come to the high school to be introduced to the high school students who will be their mentors. Hillsboro Christian Academy high school students will be giving a presentation about their new peer mentoring program. They will be serving lunch, and getting to know each other. Later in the year they will be paired with the elementary students to start mentoring them!

Both schools we are visiting have great projects, that we can’t wait to be a part of and see how they turn out!

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Samantha Fields

Impact Intern



2015 AMF Challenge

The Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) was a huge success where Tri-State area students learned how to break trends, start trends, and be leaders.  To relive the event check out our recap video:

At the Seminar, we challenged students to take what they learned that day, combine it with a need in their community and come up with a project for our AMF Service Challenge. Student’s projects range from mentor programs and charity walks to mental health awareness events. Check out all of the projects submitted to the Challenge and see if they’ll be impacting a community near you!

AMF Project

This year to help the students with their projects we are introducing The Assembly. The Assembly is compiled of Cincinnati leaders who will assist schools with fundraising, marketing, media, and project development.  To see which leaders are involved and  see what impact it will make check back here next week.

Kristin Shaffer
Experience Intern