Tri-State High Schools Impacting the Community

As March continues to fly by, the countdown to submitting your Service Challenge Project begins. Throughout this blog, we are going to highlight some of the amazing projects that our Youth Leadership Seminar students and schools have accomplished! It always amazes us at the Foundation how impactful and creative the Service Challenge Projects are.

CCPA Think Pink

Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy’s Service Challenge Project was the “Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.” Students stood united as they raised money and walked from CCPA to the Cincinnati Museum Center carrying decorated signs that honored those affected by Breast Cancer. This event was especially important to the students of CCPA because two teachers, Ms. Debra Sellers and Ms. Ann Brinkley are both Breast Cancer Survivors. Students and staff of CCPA were encouraged to wear pink and rally together to bring awareness to those who have been affected by Breast Cancer. All money that was raised was donated to the American Cancer Society.

Toys for Tots Drive

Lakota East SCP

Lakota East High School was able to give back during the holiday season with a Toys for Tots drive during the weekend of the infamous Lakota East vs. Lakota West basketball game. Lakota East’s Student Athlete Leadership Team’s goal was to raise money for the children while bringing the Lakota community together. They did just that! Through their efforts, Lakota East’s Service Challenge Project collected 315 toys, earned $3,000 in t-shirt sales and an additional $700 from donations. All the earnings were donated to Toys for Tots just in time for the holidays!

Hoops for Hope

Beavercreek High School’s Hoops for Hope event emphasized the importance of supporting one another, demonstrated the use of volunteering as a coping strategy and raised awareness on mental health and suicide. Beavercreek’s Service Challenge Project benefited Project Brite Star so that the organization could continue to raise awareness of suicide prevention and offer relevant information to students within Beavercreek Schools and parents throughout the community. With over 1,000 students, faculty and staff in attendance, Hoops for Hope raised over $2,000 for Project Brite Star.

Homelessness in Cincinnati

Mercy McAuley’s Service Challenge Project is a week-long event spotlighting homelessness in Cincinnati. Throughout the week Mercy McAuley will perform different service projects that will focus on homelessness in the area. The events will begin on March 18th  and end with Shantytown on the 22nd. We are looking forward to seeing the impact that Mercy McAuley creates and they awareness they bring to homelessness in our city throughout their week of fighting homelessness.


If you have an upcoming Service Challenge Project or have any questions regarding how to get involved, please feel free to reach out and contact me at We would love to do as much as possible to help you with your project! If you update us, we can provide news coverage, a visit from Anthony and more.

Service Challenge Projects deadlines are in mid-April and winners will be announced in the following weeks. To stay up to date, follow the hashtag #AMFChallenge on Facebook and Twitter!

AMF’s $20,000 Scholarship Fund

The Foundation’s Scholarship Fund has been awarded to Tri-State seniors since 2002. Each year, the Foundation is honored to be a part of the recipient’s story and support them in their journey to attend a higher education institution. Witnessing all that our Scholarship Fund recipients have accomplished is inspiring, motivating and drives us to do better. While all our recipients have gone on to do great things, we recently received an update from Alex Shelton, one of our 2013 Scholarship Fund recipients, and we would like to dedicate this blog to his story.

In 2012, Alex was entering his senior year of high school at West Carrollton High School. As senior class president, Alex had an ambition to succeed, excellent academic standings and was an active member in his community. With everything looking up, Alex’s world was turned upside down when his parents went through an abrupt divorce. Rather than giving up on his dreams, Alex took this event and grew from it. He continued to thrive in school and volunteer all while helping his family through the hardships of divorce.

As his senior year of high school came to an end, Alex accepted the Scholarship Fund. In his acceptance, he voiced, “But most importantly, I have learned the power of forgiveness, and how a few words can fix even the deepest of scars. Adversity, that broad unknown word, took my life under its control only to build me back up, stronger than ever before.” Check out the rest of Alex’s story here: Alex’s adversity made him stronger and more inclined to succeed.

Alex spent his college years at the University of Cincinnati where he continued to give back to the Cincinnati community. Throughout his years, Alex created two programs that focused on partnering college-age mentors with local students. Today, Alex continues to give back. He recently purchased a one-way ticket to Guatemala where he will be working with MANNA Worldwide to work on education efforts for students.

Here’s what Alex has to say about his first few weeks in Guatemala:

“Wow. What a wild first two weeks it has been. I have been able to visit 6 MANNA projects – including 4 feeding centers, 1 orphanage, and a future children’s home. It is amazing to see what God has been doing down here in the lives of these children across Guatemala. I have began diving into these local communities by engaging with the kids, their families, local pastors, and businesses in the community.”

We could not be happier to be a part of all that Alex has already accomplished and we are on the edge of our seats waiting to see what he does next.

The Scholarship Fund awards multiple graduating seniors $20,000 scholarships. To be eligible for the Scholarship Fund, applicants must attend a high school within the Foundation’s Area of Impact, plan to enter an eligible Tri-State college or university and have overcome adversity, face financial need, have an excellent academic standing and have an ambition to succeed. To review further eligibility requirements and learn more about the Scholarship Fund, check out this link:

We want to be able to recognize everyone deserving of the Scholarship Fund. Please do not hesitate to email me at To submit your applications, applicants can use ONE of these ways:

  1. Mail your application to: Anthony Muñoz Foundation 8919 Rossash Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 Attn: Victoria Knepp
  2. Scan and email your application to:
  3. Fax application to: (513) 772-4911

Don’t forget! Applications are due May 1st!