What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks to all your loved ones and the people that are close to you. Here at AMF we are thankful for so many things! It’s impossible to list them all, but we’ll give it a shot…here a just a few of the people we are thankful for:

Volunteers: Nothing compares to our volunteers. Without their passion for giving back and drive to make a difference our programs and events could not happen! They are the engine that keeps our foundation going and moving down the road of success. THANK YOU!


Teachers and Schools: We are BEYOND thankful for all of the schools and their teachers (and administrators). The foundation has eight (8) successful impact programs ALL of which center around youth and their schools. Without the commitment of each of these schools and all of their staff, our programs wouldn’t happen. It’s through their dedication to bettering the lives of their students that we can continue to make an impact in our city! THANK YOU!

Students: We mentioned above that our volunteers are the engine that keeps the foundation going, well the students are the heart! It’s these many individuals that are the core of the foundation’s mission. Wether they realize it or not, these students impact our lives just as much as we impact theirs. For that we say THANK YOU!

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Community: Here at AMF our “community” ranges from Cincinnati, up to Dayton, over to Southeast Indiana and down to Northern Kentucky. We are so grateful to be a part of such a large community were so many people help us do what we love. THANK YOU!

Our AMF Family: From sponsors and partners, to those who just click “like” on our Facebook posts or retweet that one awesome picture, without you our foundation would not be a where it is today. We could not be more thankful for your commitment to what we do and the people we help! THANK YOU!interns

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?! Let us know by commenting on here or on our social media, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Caroline Wydysh
Events Intern

New Miami’s Candlelight Vigil: Doing Something Worth Remembering

On October 27th, New Miami High School dedicated their #AMFChallenge to Christian Benge and her family by hosting a Candlelight Vigil. Christian Benge, who was a student at New Miami High School, passed away on Friday, October 17th from an underlying heart condition. The high school created a truly amazing event to remember her and support the family. It is great to see that New Miami can create light during such a dark time.


New Miami high school did a number of fundraisers within the school in order to raise enough money to help the family with expenses for a headstone and a tree they planted outside their school. It is through the generous acts that this school has done, that highlight the importance of coming together to get through a loss and bringing together a community.


The point of the AMF Challenge is not who can raise the most money but who can make an impact on the community around them. That is just what New Miami is doing and it is wonderful to see a community come together during such a hard time.

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Caroline Wydysh

Events Intern



Elder High School Fights Hunger in Cincinnati!

This past Sunday, Elder High School invited some of the AMF staff to join them for their #AMFChallenge Project “The fight against homelessness”!

Elder High School’s Leadership and Initiative Club started undertaking clean-ups in the Price Hill Community. This was their starting point for their project but as fulfilling as it was, they knew they wanted to do something more. After attending the Youth Leadership Seminar, they thought of the idea to pack lunches and distribute them to the homeless that congregate around Paul Brown Stadium during Bengals home games.

Picture 2-1


Their Leadership and Initiative Club created an informal rotation week by week so that each boy in the group would get the opportunity to be engaged in giving back to the homeless. Being a part of this experience was great and was something I have never been a part of. I was not the only person there that was new to the experience either. The boys that are part of the club are from all different grades, so they don’t have relationships outside of the group but in this club they are coming together to make a difference in the community.

IMG_2340 2 (1)


These Elder students are building relationships with the homeless so much that they recognize them and look forward to seeing them during Bengals home games. To the boys, the homeless aren’t just people sitting on sidewalks and holding up signs, they are real people who are in need of help. The impact they have on the community is bigger than they even know. We are so proud of what Elder High School is doing!

They have taken the time to think outside of their own community at Elder. The faculty and students are thinking out side of the box and helping a larger community where they can make an even bigger difference than they thought! This quote by their faculty advisor, Mr. Tom Nugent  demonstrates what drives these boys to do what they are doing!

“The only day worth living is one where you can help someone who can never repay you.”


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Caroline Wydysh

Event Intern