It’s Finally Time to Recognize the Straight “A” Finalists!

And What an Inspiring Group of Finalists we Had to Choose From! 

This Wednesday, April 23rd, the Foundation will hold their annual Straight “A” Scholarship Luncheon at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. Over 300 nominations were sent in this year, and our Selection Committee narrowed them down to a truly inspiring group of 18 finalists.

Wednesday morning the finalists will be joined by their parents, mentors, most influential teachers, principals, Foundation partners, staff, and interns to recognize and celebrate their achievements and the commend their triumph over life’s adversities.

Each finalist is a recipient of a $2,000 scholarship from the Foundation toward their continued education. At the Luncheon, a male winner and a female winner will be announced to receive an addition $3,000 scholarship. In addition to this, our finalists will be receiving a personalized duffel bag from the Foundation and personalized Wrapped Hershey’s candy bars. A big thank you goes out to Jeff Ruby, Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, and Wrapped Hershey’s for helping us recognize and award our finalists!

This group of finalists has a combined 3.64 GPA and has received 80 varsity letters. They are a well rounded group who has maintained high academic achievements while contributing to their community and participating in athletics. These finalists have participated in football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, bowling, wrestling, cross country, track, swimming, and golf. Wow, they really have it all covered! Their stories are incredible, and we cannot wait to hear from the finalists themselves.

Anthony has chosen our 2014 winners, but we can’t tell you just yet! When the odds were against them, these finalists went above and beyond to achieve their goals and reach their dreams. We cannot wait to recognize them this week for their accomplishments! See the 2014 Straight “A” Finalists here.

While I am up on stage, the other wonderful interns will be live tweeting from the event! Make sure to check out #SALuncheon for updates and an announcement of the winners!


I can’t wait!

Victoria Sabato

Straight “A” Intern


Last year's Straight "A" Finalists being recognized at the Luncheon! What an amazing group!

Last year’s Straight “A” Finalists being recognized at the Luncheon! What an amazing group!


The 2013 Straight "A" Winners, Shannon Chambers of Aiken High School (left), and Rachel Hall of St. Ursula Academy (right).

The 2013 Straight “A” Winners, Shannon Chambers of Aiken High School (left), and Rachel Hall of St. Ursula Academy (right).

Scholarship Fund #TBT

What are they up to now…

ImageBrandon, a graduate of Aiken High School is the first in his family to attend college and when he is not going to classes and studying, he works at Chipotle, plays his ps4 and is always trying to put a smile on others’ faces through his humor and inspiring charisma.

Tell us about you college experience thus far:

I am attending the University of Cincinnati as an Operations Managements major in the Lindner College of Business. The most exciting thing has been the diversity of people. We have students from all over the world across all social classes. It is really cool to connect with so many different people who all seem to add their own color to the painting of life that makes our world so special. My favorite course has been human sexuality because it’s one of those classes that really pulls you out of your comfort zone and teaches you about so many interesting things that people tend to shy away from.

What are you involved in?

I am involved with the African American Culture and Resource Center (AACRC), United Black Student Association (UBSA) and I play intramural basketball for the “Gen-1 Ballers” – comprised of players who are all first generation college students. Our team went 6-1 taking a tough loss in the Sweet 16 of the intramural tournament.

How has the scholarship impacted you?

The scholarship really helped me to grow up and begin to take responsibility. Without the Anthony Muñoz Scholarship, I would not be able to live on campus which would force me to commute from home turning my scenic 5 minute walk to class into an hour and a half bus ride and commute. It also helped me to pay for my unlimited meal plan which I use every day. It gave me a remarkable quality of education and life, and a place to live my freshman year. It provided me with enough money to take time from my job throughout my first semester to get acclimated to college life and focus on my studies. It has done miracles.

What’s next in your future?

Upon graduation, I want to contribute my degree to a company where I can showcase my natural talents and skills and the knowledge I have gained at UC. I want to be a role model and example that proves that any obstacle in life can be overcome, and if you put your mind to it and work hard, all of your dreams are achievable. I want young people to know that anything s possible and self-motivation is the best motivation.

Any advice on college, scholarships, and life?

My best advice is to keep your options open. I was accepted to 13 colleges before locking down my choice. Identify what is most important to you, whether it is the cost of tuition, the location, history of the university, etc. Also, when applying for scholarships never yourself out because the only way you have the chance to win, is if you make that first step and just apply.

ImageNext up is Sam Becker, a graduate of Archbishop McNicholas High School and freshman honor student at Miami University, majoring in Management and Leadership in the Farmer School of Business. Sam, who enjoys playing sports, spending time with his friends and family, giving back to the community and participating in philanthropic service, loves his time in Oxford so far!

Tell us about your college experience thus far:

The most exciting thing has been meeting all of the new people and having the freedom to grow up, and become a responsible adult and to really find yourself and discover the person that you are. My favorite course has been Business Writing or Business Statistics Accounting because I am seeing how I can apply all of the skills I’m learning for the rest of my life. I play intramural lacrosse and a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.

What’s next in your future?

I’m still learning so much about all of the careers in business and haven’t chosen a specific one. I know I want to be in business, and establish a career that allows me to provide for my family one day.

Any advice on scholarships, college, and life?

Don’t close any doors. If you aren’t satisfied, keep applying to colleges and scholarships. Stay positive and trust that everything will turn out how it is supposed to and work out for the best. Seek advice from people who have been in your shoes because they might steer you in the right direction. Challenge yourself and never be afraid to take the road less traveled.


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Emma Sallquist

AMF Intern

We Have a Winner….

       Cincy’s Best ‘Selfie’

       It’s not every day that you get to cheer on your favorite childhood team at their season opener (front row!), win a summer of free LaRosa’s pizza and have your picture (well, your picture’s picture) taken with Anthony Muñoz. For one lucky guy though, that was just the case. A native of Cincinnati, recent Miami of Ohio graduate and Atlanta transplant – Robert Brinkman takes the cake (or pie!) as our 2014 #CincySelfie winner!


Anthony, an aspiring selfie photographer who never turns down a fun photo op, selected Robert Brinkman’s photo as his favorite #CincySelfie – this year’s Reds Opening Day Contest hosted by AMF! Robert and his father have rarely missed an Opening Day over the past 15 years, and this year Robert was excited to return the favor and treat his Dad to some of the best seats in the house! Robert, who heads up photography and video production for his company in the student housing industry, is certainly no stranger to the art of taking the perfect selfie. Robert’s skills paid off and he and his family will be cheering on the Reds all summer long while enjoying LaRosa’s pizza!

This year, Anthony, his family and friends of the foundation rode through the sea of red atop our float – a seasoned parade veteran. We asked Reds fans and Cincinnatians to post their “selfies” using #CincySelfie and show us how they were celebrating Cincinnati. We were blown away with the response and spent hours looking at all of the wonderful pictures of families and friends supporting our Cincinnati Reds! THANKS to everyone for participating and igniting the contagious spirit that Cincinnati is so famous for. AMF sends our best wishes to the Reds for a record-breaking season!