2017 Straight “A” Finalists

With more than 350 high school students nominated this year, we have received the highest number of Straight “A” Scholarship nominations ever! Check out our website to view the full list of 2017 Straight ‘A’ Nominees.

These outstanding individuals have acknowledged the importance of involvement in and out of the classroom. Each student has demonstrated Academic and Athletic excellence, strong Ambition, Active roles in the community, a constant positive Attitude, and the ability to overcome Adversity.

That being said, our committee has officially selected nine male and nine female finalists. Congratulations to the 2017 Straight “A” Finalists!

2017 Straight -A- Finalists (1)

All finalists will receive a $2,000 scholarship toward their college education. One male finalist and one female finalist will be chosen by Anthony to receive an additional $3,000 scholarship, for a total of $5,000, to further their education. We look forward to recognizing and honoring all eighteen Finalists at the Straight “A” Luncheon on April 25th hosted by Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse.

Stay tuned for more information on our Finalists!

Cold Weather Can’t Freeze Warm Hearts

We’re Midway through March and already so many projects have blown by!

Lupus Awareness

Carlisle High School hosted a blood drive to raise Lupus awareness to donate to the cause. This idea was inspired when they first accepted the AMF Challenge in honor of their Principal, Mr. Potter, who was on leave because of his personal battle with the disease. Best wishes to Mr. Potter and congratulations on all your hard work Carlisle!


Walk for Water

Aiken New Tech and Anderson High School hosted the Walk for Water 5k to raise money for a well for the students of Aiken-Largo High School in Sierra Leone, Africa. Students from both high schools came together on a chilly winter day to walk in solidarity with the students of Aiken-Largo who have to walk 3.1 miles to their nearest source of water. Anthony was able to personally congratulate the crowd of over 200 students at the event. Great teamwork everyone!

Aiken Anderson

Senior Senior Prom

You read it right, Saint Henry District High School held Senior Senior Prom at Elmcroft Assisted Living Center. The senior residents at Elmcroft were swept off their feet with a night of dancing, dinner and so much fun! The students from Saint Henry’s even had the residents at Elmcroft vote for Prom King and Queen. What a fun night!


There are only 13 days left and we still have more projects to come!

We will be visiting some of these Service Challenge Projects, so be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep up with the amazing work! #OnePurposeOneImpact #AMFChallenge

Part of the #AMFChallenge? Don’t forget to submit your completion form by April 1.

“Where Are They Now” Wednesday: Justin Couch


After receiving more than 350 nominations for our Straight “A” Scholarship this year, we had the chance to catch up with our 2009 Straight ‘A’ winner, Justin Couch, to see how he has continued pursuing the Six ‘A’s of the Straight ‘A’ Scholarship.

In 2009, Justin graduated from Ludlow High School and decided to take two years off to decide what he wanted in life. He explained that this was a great decision for him because he truly realized how important education is.

Justin went on to attend Northern Kentucky University with a degree in Electronic Media and a minor in Marketing. He has always had a love for sports and has built lifelong relationships and memories through participating in athletics.

Justin graduated from NKU this past December. With his love for athletics and degree in Electronic Media, his dream job is to be a camera operator for professional sporting events.

For Justin, the most important ‘A’ from the Straight ‘A’ Scholarship is the ability to overcome Adversity.

“Life has taught me that no matter how difficult of a time you may be experiencing, just know that there’s a man sleeping under a bridge somewhere, a starving child in a third world county, and millions of other people who are having a much more difficult time than you are. If you can understand that, then you can overcome anything and when you do overcome adversity, you will appreciate things in life that so many other people take for granted.”

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to catch up with Justin Couch this past week. Keep following our blog for more “Where Are They Now” Wednesdays. We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful community and look forward to choosing our next Straight ‘A’ Finalists who should be announced by the end of March. Stay tuned!

Congrats to our 2016-2017 Linemen of the Year!

Congratulations to all of our 2016-2017 Offensive and Defensive Linemen of the Year! We were honored to recognize all of the work these young men have accomplished on and off the football field on Tuesday February 28th at the National Football Foundation’s Scholar-Athlete Banquet.


2016-2017 AMF Linemen of the Year

Ohio Division I
Offensive Lineman: Jackson Carman (Fairfield HS)
Defensive Lineman: Malik Vann (Fairfield HS)

Ohio Division II:
Offensive Lineman: Joshua Myers (Miamisburg HS)
Defensive Lineman: Jerron Cage (Winton Woods HS)

Ohio Division III
Offensive Lineman: James Williams III (Trotwood-Madison HS)
Defensive Lineman: Devon Smith (Trotwood Madison)

Ohio Division IV
Offensive Lineman: Joseph Veeneman (Mariemont HS)
Defensive Lineman: Brian Gerbus (Badin HS)

Ohio Division V
Offensive Lineman: Nicholas Noyen (CHCA)
Defensive Lineman: Marcos Torres-Garcia (Blanchester HS)

Ohio Division VI
Offensive Lineman: Michael Warden (Summit Country Day HS)
Defensive Lineman: Andrew Bissmeyer (Summit Country Day HS)

Southeast Indiana
Offensive Lineman: Chase Sutherland (East Central HS)
Defensive Lineman: Elijah Gannaway (Lawrenceburg HS)

Northern Kentucky
Offensive Lineman: Drew McIntosh (Holy Cross HS)
Defensive Lineman: Hunter Ziegelmeyer (Covington Catholic HS)

Out of 16 our division winners, Anthony and the selection committee which included: Michael Muñoz, Dave Lapham, Mike Dyer and Andrew Whitworth, chose two athletes as this season’s overall Offensive Lineman and overall Defensive Lineman. Joshua Myers of Miamisburg HS was named the Offensive Lineman of the Year and Jerron Cage was named the Defensive Lineman of the year!

We were also very excited to award Matt Sichtermann of Kings High School with our first ever “In The Trenches” Leadership Award! This award was added to our Linemen of the Year program this year to recognize the student-athlete who best represents the Anthony Muñoz Foundation’s mission and values both on and off the football field.

We also want to extend a special thank you to our sponsor, Roofing Annex! We would not have been able to recognize everything these student-athletes have accomplished without your support.

The Foundation was honored to be able to recognize these athletes for their accomplishments on the football field, in their classrooms and in their communities. Good luck to all of our winners as they continue their football and education careers in college!


You can find photos from the 2017 Lineman of the Year Banquet here. With every purchase, 20% of proceeds goes back to the Foundation.