It’s Time To Get Plugged In!

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Technology is Leading The Way

We hope everyone is having a great start to the new school year. Although summer has officially come and gone, there is reason to be excited. The Anthony Muñoz Foundation is gearing up for our annual Youth Leadership Seminar!

As Megan briefly hinted at in our last post, the theme of this year’s Youth Leadership Seminar is Plugged In. Now you might wonder what this really means, so let me explain.

First, we will get you pumped up with a concert featuring the wonderful sounds of KJ-52! This is sure to get you going!

Following his performance, we will hear from our guest speakers who will help explore how leaders are using technology to empower others and give back to their communities. We’ll be encouraging students not to unplug, but to get plugged in to the right sources. We’re talking about stepping-up and getting involved in your school, community, and city. Involvement in valuable organizations and activities can expand your ability to lead others. A great leader in the technological world, Bill Gates, once said, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

Technological advancements have really launched off over the past few years and there is no sign of them slowing down in the next few. As technology changes at a rapid pace, we must remain #PluggedIn to stay ahead of the curve as we strive to be among the other leaders of the world. Take a look at how social media is leading the way in higher education and why it is so important that, as a young leader, you are keeping up with society.

Also, don’t forget to check out our website to register today and keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook as we update you and reveal this year’s speakers for YLS 2013!

Adam Berman

Events Intern

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Youth Leadership Seminar 2013

Be a Leader. Get involved.

Have you ever thought about how being a leader in your community can effect your college future? According to StudyPoints, leadership in your community is a big deal when it comes to filling out college applications. StudyPoints mentions that good grades and test scores are not always enough, being able to see previous involvement on your application is what catches the eye of others.

There are so many great benefits of being a leader and joining community organization, clubs, and athletic programs. Not only does it help your college application but giving back to your community makes you feel good about yourself, helping you build self-esteem. Remember, being a leader doesn’t always mean you have to follow the same path as everyone else. Listen to John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”

So how does this relate to the Anthony Muñoz Foundation? Well, since school is finally back in session we want to help you start the school year out right! We have a way for you to get PluggedIn and be a leader not just in your school, but in your community and city as well. This year the Anthony Muñoz Foundation will have a leadership event you may be interested in being a part of.

  • WHAT: 12th annual Youth Leadership Seminar
  • WHEN: Wednesday, October 9, 2013
  • WHERE: Xavier University’s Cintas Center

This is an event you’ll want to mark on your calenders. The Youth Leadership Seminar is a day of leadership development and discussions on how to give back to your community. The event will consist of motivational speakers, live music, break sessions, and free giveaways. You can find more information about YLS and how to register here on our website. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook  and Twitter  and keep up with #Pluggedin2013!

Megan Barger

Experience Intern


New Season, New Team

An all new intern managed blog!

With our summer interns leaving us just over a week ago, we are excited to present you with our wonderful team of fall interns. They are all eager to get to work on our Youth Leadership Seminar which will be held at Xavier University on October 9th, 2013.  Let’s get to know them:

Adam Berman

Megan B-InternThat’s me! I will be our Events Intern this fall. I study Communication and Public Relations at the University of Cincinnati and am also involved in the student organization Public Relations Student Society of America, where I do fundraising. Outdoor activities and meeting new people are just some things I enjoy.

“I am excited to intern with the Anthony Muñoz Foundation because I know how important it is to give back to the community. Being a part of an organization that strives to make an impact on its local residents is something I’ve always thought was necessary for myself.”

Becky Griesmer

Becky bio picture

Becky will be our Impact Intern. She attends Xavier University where she studies Sports Management, Business, and Communication Arts. She is involved in multiple student organizations such as the Student Activities Council and is a New Student Orientation Leader. Becky enjoys traveling and relaxing with friends and family.

“I am excited to intern with the Anthony Muñoz Foundation because I know what an impact the organization has on the Tri-State region and I am very excited to be part of helping to positively change of the lives of the area youth.”

Megan Barger

Megan Barger-Intern

Megan will be our Experience Intern. She attends the University of Cincinnati where she studies Communication and Public Relations. Megan has interned at non-profits before where she has really found her niche. She enjoys cheering on her Cincinnati Reds, as well as boating with family.

“I’m beyond excited to be a part of such an amazing organization that impacts the lives of so many students, and very eager to see what opportunities this brings aboard.”

Check out more information on us at the Meet The Interns section of our blog! You will be hearing from us a lot this fall, so stay #PluggedIn for more great things to come!

Adam Berman
Events Intern