AMF Service Challenge Tour Begins!


Anthony Muñoz Foundation (AMF) will be starting off our AMF Service Challenge Tour this week at Hillsboro Christian Academy and Turpin High School. We will be going to their schools to see how their service challenge projects are coming along. If you haven’t heard of our AMF Service Challenge Project check out last week’s post here!


Turpin High School’s project, “Fun with 911”, gives back to their community’s first responders. On November 24th students will be holding a basketball game, students vs. police and firemen. They invited students from Mercer Elementary to cheer them on, as well as Chick- fil-A cows to get the crowd fired up! The $2 admission fee will be donated to the police and fire stations, as well as having prizes and gift cards to be raffled.

Last year they raised $4000 from the event,  which was donated to the fire and police stations. They expect and even better turn out this year, and we can’t wait to be a part of it!


Hillsboro Christian Academy is planning a luncheon to introduce their project, peer mentoring. At this event elementary and middle school students will come to the high school to be introduced to the high school students who will be their mentors. Hillsboro Christian Academy high school students will be giving a presentation about their new peer mentoring program. They will be serving lunch, and getting to know each other. Later in the year they will be paired with the elementary students to start mentoring them!

Both schools we are visiting have great projects, that we can’t wait to be a part of and see how they turn out!

Make sure to follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages and check out #AMFChallenge to kee up with videos and pictures from our tour stops!

Samantha Fields

Impact Intern



2015 AMF Challenge

The Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) was a huge success where Tri-State area students learned how to break trends, start trends, and be leaders.  To relive the event check out our recap video:

At the Seminar, we challenged students to take what they learned that day, combine it with a need in their community and come up with a project for our AMF Service Challenge. Student’s projects range from mentor programs and charity walks to mental health awareness events. Check out all of the projects submitted to the Challenge and see if they’ll be impacting a community near you!

AMF Project

This year to help the students with their projects we are introducing The Assembly. The Assembly is compiled of Cincinnati leaders who will assist schools with fundraising, marketing, media, and project development.  To see which leaders are involved and  see what impact it will make check back here next week.

Kristin Shaffer
Experience Intern

Thinking About Service Projects

Our Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) is just around the corner and it is not too late to start thinking about service project ideas for your school!  If you recall in our blog two weeks ago, we discussed all the features of YLS, one being the Break-Out Sessions.  As a refresher, during the break-out sessions, schools will be paired together to brainstorm ways to make a difference in their community.  This brainstorming session will be utilized towards establishing an idea for the #AMFCHALLENGE.  We want to give you a couple advice tips for brainstorming, but first, let’s see a few examples of service projects schools took part in the past few years to give a little perspective.

1). Kettering Fairmont High School

Name of Project: Sparky’s Spark for Childhood Cancer (December 2014, February 2015)

Description & Impact: Students took an interest in helping children with cancer and worked with Dayton Children’s Hospital.  In December, students performed a whole school initiative of coloring pictures and writing inspirational notes to children at Dayton Children’s.  They collected over 500 pictures and notes.  In February, students organized a drive for Emily’s Beads of Courage, a non-profit organization through Dayton Children’s that awards each child battling cancer with a necklace and beads for every procedure they have gone through.   Raising profit towards Emily’s Beads of Courage, students designed and sold t-shirts.  They also hosted a “Purple-Out” themed basketball game to support cancer awareness.

2). Mount Notre Dame High School

Name of Project: Spark your Inner Beauty (March 2015)

Description & Impact: Students  strongly believed in the effort to pass along a message to young girls that they are “enough.” They developed lesson plans implemented with 5th grade girls at Reading Central Elementary School to concentrate on the importance of appreciating inner beauty in themselves and others.  Each student was encouraged to present ideas and develop activities to communicate the message that inner beauty is what takes precedence.

3).   Amelia High School

Name of Project: Amelia Ambassadors (January-March 2014)

Description & Impact:  The 10th and 11th graders designed a program for the 8th graders coming to the high school.  These high school students acted as peer counselors to these 8th grade students, teaching lessons and facilitating activities to encourage positivity, school spirit, and self-esteem.  During last year’s Youth Leadership Seminar, freshman Amelia students identified bullying and fighting as a prominent issue at Amelia, therefore, this project was centered on alleviating that problem.

We are so proud of all the dedication that these high schools put in to making an impact in their community.  Here are just a couple of tips to keep in mind when brainstorming service project ideas:

#AMFCHALLENGE Brainstorm (1)

We cannot wait to see all the wonderful ideas each one of your schools bring forth to YLS this year!  We believe that each school has the power to make a difference and be Now Trending leaders.

Ilana Siegel

Events Intern


The Youth Leadership Seminar Continues to Impact

The Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) is quickly approaching.  The schools are the most important part of our event each year. Without them the seminar would not be possible.  We here at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation believe in partnership and we cannot thank the schools enough that make every year great and continue to come back and experience the event.  We would like to give a special shout out to a few schools who are making this year special.

We have 12 schools that will be attending their 11th YLS this year!  They have seen the impact from the seminar and we cannot thank them enough for entrusting us to help empower their students.  Thank you for your continued involvement:

Sycamore Taft Anderson

A statistic that we are especially proud of is that 65 of the 74 schools currently registered are attending for a consecutive year!  All of these schools saw the positive effect that the Youth Leadership Seminar had on their students and community and want to further the impact this year.

We have 9 newbie schools that are attending just their second ever YLS this year and we are excited to continue working with them and see their students impact their communities.  We cannot wait to have them pack their bus and come to the next 5, 10 , and even 15 Youth Leadership Seminars!

Live OaksBishop BrossartSeven HillsButler

There are still schools that have yet to register for the 2015 YLS! Check to see if your school is one of the 74 currently registered!

Kristin Shaffer
Experience Intern

Now Trending: Happy One Month!

Fall is quickly approaching which means pretty leaves, sweaters and pumpkin everything.  There is one other major thing fall brings,  our Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS)!  As you may have read in last week’s blog, our theme is “Now Trending.” We are just one month away and we want to share with you our top five favorite features of this Now Trending event.

1). Speakers:  Each year our speakers make a huge impact on YLS; they engage, motivate and inspire students to find their inner leader and make a difference.  So without further ado, we would like to introduce to you our speakers joining us this year:


Santa Ono- University of Cincinnati President

Ever since beginning his term in 2012, President Ono has truly proved himself as a unique, “trending” leader.  His involvement and passion for UC, has led him to break barriers and reach out to students, faculty in organizations in ways that is not typical for a university president.

Nick Jackson- Chief Inspiration Officer at Change Productions

Along with being the Founder and Chief Inspiration at Change Productions, a social entrepreneurship centered on creating opportunities through entrepreneurship, especially for those often over-looked, Nick is recognized for many accomplishments.  Above all, he is known for his inspirational speeches, engaging the lives of over 250,000 high school and college students.  Nick is a “trending” leader committed to assisting people of all ages reach their full potential.

Lacy “Asylum” Robinson III- Louder than a Bomb poetry contest winner

Asylum is an alumni of Aiken High School and current University of Cincinnati student. He has been writing poetry since he was a kid and notes that his poetry reflects his lifestyle and what he has been through.  Asylum is a “trending” individual who did not step out of his comfort zone until he started sharing his work; serving as an inspiration to many.

Anthony Muñoz

Where do we start with his accomplishments and accolades? Our foundation is here today with much thanks to Anthony and through his many accomplishments and determination to give back.  Anthony’s drive and commitment to better our community is what makes him a “trending” leader.

2). Break-Out Sessions:  With regards to Now Trending, we encourage students to keep in mind these three ideas: break a trend, start a trend, and be a leader.  During our break-out session, schools will be paired together to brainstorm ways to go above and beyond in their community.  This brainstorming session will be geared towards developing an idea for the Service Challenge Project.

3). Lunch: Attendants will “Eat mor chikin” as we munch on a lunch catered by Chick-Fil-A!

4). Entertainment: Our favorite rapper, KJ-52 will be joining us once again this year and will put on a private show for teachers and students.

5). YOU: Lastly, we want to make this year’s YLS the best of them all and YOU can help us accomplish this! Check and see here if your school is registered:

If your school is not listed here and wishes to re-define Now Trending,  it is still not late to visit our website and register!

Ilana Siegel

Events Intern


Making A Difference: Will Gilliland

We were able to catch up with Will, a student at MoellerHigh School, and talk about “Working For a Smile”, their Service Challenge Project from 2014. Last time we spoke with Will, “Working For a Smile” was a project in process, now we see how Will and his peers at Moeller took our challenge to create a service project a step further and decided to not only impact their own community, but also the community of Santa Cruz, Peru through “Working For a Smile”.  (You can view their trip below)

What was your biggest take away from the Youth Leadership Seminar?

Will: My biggest take away from the seminar was just the inspiration of seeing other high school students become passionate about doing service work in the community. Seeing my peers come up with great ideas for service pushed me to come up with the most challenging service project possible. The speakers also inspired me to go out and make a difference in someone else’s life as so many have done to me in my own life.

What impact have you seen in your community and school from the Youth Leadership Seminar and from “Working for a Smile”?

Will: I saw a large impact from my school when we raised money through the penny wars because tons of people got involved and I was happy to see the support of my peers and my school. There was also large support from my school to try and win second place in the contest when students used social media to try and win. The Seminar was a great opportunity to raise awareness for service not just domestically but also internationally in my community and my school.

Would you recommend others go to the Youth Leadership Seminar?

Will: Yes, because it engages students in a subject that talks about service to those in need. Whether it is bullying or the homeless there is always someone who needs help and with the great opportunities given to my peers and I by our parents and our schools we have the ability to help others. The Youth Leadership Seminar inspired me to take advantage of these opportunities and it led me to great success with my project.

You were the student leader for the Service Project Challenge.  How did “Working For a Smile” specifically impact your own life?

Will: It impacted my life by forming a sense of work ethic that I never thought I could have before. This project helped me reach my potential and the satisfaction I derived in seeing the respect from the villagers made it so worth it. It helped me form new relationships as well as reestablish old ones and also helped me form new ideals to live by.  This project has changed me as a person greatly and I will never forget the positive impact it had on my life and especially the people we helped.

Check to see if your school is on the list for this year’s Youth Leadership Seminar so your students can make an impact like Will!

Kristin Shaffer
Experience Intern

Are You Sparked For Now Trending?

We are still buzzing about the success of last year’s Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS)! Spark exceeded expectations with 100 schools and over 1,300 students in attendance.  But we know this year will be even better (you can relive all of the excitement from last year below)!

This year’s speakers will discuss how leaders break trends, follow their own trends and how a trending idea can help form and empower a community.  Our desire is that students will leave encouraged and empowered to define their leadership skills and make a difference in our Tri-State communities.

YLS 2015 will feature:

  • 5-7 Powerful Speakers From Our Very Own Tri-State Area
  • A Delicious Lunch From Chick-fil-A
  • Jamming with KJ-52
  • Break Out Session for Service Challenge Projects

We want this year’s YLS to be bigger and better than ever! So far these schools have registered:

Amelia Batavia Cincinnati Country Day Colerain(2)

If your school is not on the list there is still time to sign up for YLS on our website and help redefine Now Trending!

Kristin Shaffer
Experience Intern