Join #OneCincy2016 as a Volunteer!

Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) is on its way, and we are thrilled to see more and more schools join us for #OneCincy2016. Our last blog post shared all the schools who’ve signed up so far.

Not on the list? It’s quite alright, just register now!

Not only do we need schools to register for our biggest event of the year, we need 65 volunteers to help inspire the hundreds of students in attendance. Without our volunteer help the event wouldn’t be possible. We’re extremely thankful for all of the dedicated volunteers, but a few hold a special place in our hearts.

Volunteers for 5+ Years

These 11 volunteers are dedicated to the cause year after year.

Rick Walter                       Brinton Heimann                   Tom Rockwood
Sandy Walter                    Steve Holt                                 Todd Porter
Debbie Abright                Scott Honaker                          Monica Ruscher
Gerry Albright                  Daniel Minera



We need you to join the IMPACT!

Are you thinking about volunteering? Learn about the event and what to expect here

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We are excited to confirm that 57 SCHOOLS have already registered with us for this year’s Youth Leadership Seminar . Missed our 2016 event theme announcement? Checkout last week’s Youth Leadership Seminar Welcome Post! Here’s a breakdown of some schools that have already registered.


READY FOR MORE! Recognizing 18 schools that have been with us for 10 years! Thank you for your commitment and support here at the Anthony Munoz Foundation.

Ready For More! (2)


Back In Action! Welcoming 15 new schools to the 2016 Youth Seminar Event!

Back In Action

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Coming Soon…Youth Leadership Seminar 2016!

With a successful 2015 Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) under our belts, we are saying farewell to last year’s theme, “Now Trending” and welcoming a new theme for this year.

Here’s a 2015 seminar recap, check it out and see what all the excitement is about! 

One: One Purpose, One Impact is the theme we selected this year to empower students to come together as leaders and make a positive impact in their local communities. We have Cincy’s best speakers lined up for students to learn from. Our hope is not only to motivate students to grow as leaders, but also encourage them to find their purpose to create an impact.

YLS Quick Facts


Registered & Ready!

We have a list of registered high schools that continue to grow daily! Take a look and see what schools will be joining yours at YLS.


Don’t fret if your school isn’t on the list, there is still time! QUICK, Go, REGISTER!  Add your school and join us for the fun!



Meet the Fall 2016 Interns!

We are excited to begin our fall internship with the Anthony Munoz Foundation. Being apart of the events this fall is an amazing opportunity which we look forward to sharing with you! Get to know all of us better by reading about us below.

meet the intern

Jasmine is a senior at the University of Cincinnati studying Communications with a minor in Sociology. She is involved with the Gen-1 program as a Senior Ambassador.  Proud to be working as our Events Intern, Jasmine will work specifically with our Partner Dinner, Whiz Kids and Linemen of Year Award. Upon graduation in the fall she plans to further her education in Grad school. Jasmines’ favorite thing about Cincinnati is the ability to make local connections with people, but still have the feel of a big city at the same time.


Alena George

Alena is entering her second year at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Communications. She will be working this fall as the Impact Intern handling our Service Challenge Projects and school outreach efforts for the Youth Leadership Seminar. She enjoys traveling and plans to study abroad in South Korea during the spring semester. She loves the diversity that Cincinnati has and that she can meet people who come from all different walks of life, allowing her to learn so much from everyone she meets.


meet the intern (1)

Emily is a student at the University of Cincinnati currently majoring in Communications with minor in Organizational Leadership. Working as the Experience Intern this fall, she is excited to help with the Whiz Kids program and Payless Gives event. After graduation in the spring she plans to continue her education earning her Master’s at UC. She says, “I love going to Bengals games in the fall and Reds games in the summer. There are always exciting things going on in this city to try and enjoy.”


Brianna Gladney

Brianna is a senior at Xavier University majoring in Sport Management and Communication Studies. She is originally from San Antonio Texas and is in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority at XU. She will be working as the Programs Intern and is excited working with the Hispanic Character Camp and recruiting and corresponding with volunteers. After graduation she plans on getting her masters in Sports Administration. She says “My favorite thing about Cincinnati is Fountain Square in the summer!”

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Bethel High School Week of Service



Bethel High School students attended our Youth Leadership Seminar this past fall. The Youth Leadership Seminar was created for students to attend and later create ideas to impact their community which is what the Anthony Munoz Service Challenge is. To learn more about previous Service Challenges you can click here.

Bethel High School took what they learned at the Youth Leadership Seminar and applied it to their own community. These students created the plan of a Week of Service. There were 20 students who were involved with all of the planning for this week.  Their Week of Service included 17 non-profit agencies in the Bethel, Troy, Tipp City and Dayton areas!

The students of Bethel High broke down their service each day:

Monday: Bethel brought in a speaker, Sarah Whitestone, who spoke about how prejudice, bigotry, and hate can impact communities. Her speech “The Wall” is an interactive talk geared towards ending bullying.

Tuesday: There was a Community Service Fair where 7 non-profit agencies set up booths for students to ask questions and learn more about how to volunteer.

Wednesday: Bethel brought a bloodmobile and 33 students gave blood.

Thursday: Students prepared for their big day of service.

Friday: The long awaited Service Day. Over 300 students volunteered at 17  locations with 25 different projects. These students volunteered over 1200 hours in one day!


Principal Craig Vasil said,

“ I personally enjoyed watching the student leaders take ownership with the project, and the student body embracing the opportunity to open themselves up to a new experience and being vulnerable to that experience.”

He hopes to continue this Day of Service to make it an annual event for Bethel High School.  Congratulations and a fantastic job to all of the students at Bethel High School!

Make sure to follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages using #AMFChallenge for more updates about who will be the winner of our Service Challenge Project!

Sophie Huston, Impact Intern

2015 Scholarship Fund Spotlight: Wyatt Ross


This week, we had the opportunity to catch up with Wyatt Ross, a 2015 Scholarship Fund winner who graduated from Edgewood High School in Trenton, Ohio. Wyatt is a first year student at the University of Cincinnati, and is excited to share his experiences in college thus far and give insight about how Scholarship Fund winners stay active both in their college communities as well as the Cincinnati community. Keep an eye out for Wyatt at this year’s Opening Day parade on the AMF float!

What is your college and major at the University of Cincinnati?

I am in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and my major is Architectural Engineering.

What kind of student organizations or activities are you involved in at UC or in the Cincinnati community?

I am a Young Life leader at Finneytown High School now with Cincinnati Young Life. I’m involved with UC Hall Government and am a floor president. I participate in the UC Mountaineering Club, UC Sustainability, and I’ve participated in several volunteer events this semester like Clean Up Cincy, Bearcat Recycling, Community Blood Drives, and a few others. I occasionally go to my college tribunal meetings, but I don’t know if I’d say I’m very involved with that.

What has been the most difficult aspect of transitioning from high school to college?

The most difficult part about transitioning from high school to college has been the work load. I think I’ve always had fairly good time management skills, and in high school I was able to plan ahead in ways that allowed me to do almost everything I wanted to do. That is not the case in college. The work load from school, trying to work, and being involved with the organizations I’m involved with in college is much more taxing than all those things are in high school. I find I have to make more sacrifices than I did in high school in order to do the things on the top of my priority list well.

What has been the most fun or exciting aspect of transitioning from high school to college?

Definitely the large communities I find myself a part of. It’s been a very rich year for making friends and getting to know a lot of people from different walks of life. That’s something I enjoy and that has definitely been the most exciting and fun part thus far.

What career options are you considering with your degree?

I made a switch this year from Biomedical Engineering to Architectural Engineering. I mainly did this because I’ve discovered I have a deep passion for our planet and the environment. I want to use my Architectural Engineering degree to pursue a career in sustainable development, creating sustainable homes and commercial buildings that don’t harm the environment. Eventually I’d like to have my own company doing these things.

How has the AMF Scholarship Fund assisted you, or how do you see it assisting you, financially throughout college?

The AMF Scholarship Fund has definitely brought peace of mind when I’m planning out my financial future. The scholarship has allowed me to think less about how I’m going to pay for school and focus more on my schooling itself. It’s been a huge relief and blessing.

Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for students entering college next fall?

For students entering next fall, I would just say to work hard. Get involved, try new things, but never lose sight of your goals, and make sure you’re making the most of school.

Interested in applying for this year’s Scholarship Fund? Click here to download an application and review our eligibility requirements! Seven $20,000 scholarships will be awarded this spring to senior students in the Tri-State area that are pursuing higher education!


Mallory Condron

Events Intern

2016 Straight “A” Finalists Have Been Selected!

It’s hard to believe that this year’s Straight “A” Luncheon is a little over a month away! With that being said, our committee has selected nine male and nine female finalists for this year’s Straight “A” Scholarship. These outstanding individuals demonstrate what it means to redefine the meaning of being a Straight “A” student. Each of our finalists have demonstrated Academic and Athletic excellence, a strong Ambition, played an Active role in the community, as well as a maintained a positive Attitude and showed the ability to overcome Adversity. Congratulations to our finalists!


With over 300 high school students being nominated from 125 schools, this year’s nomination pool consisted of the highest number of nominees in the history of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation’s Straight “A” Scholarship. Each of the finalists above will receive $2,000 in scholarship money that will be used to continue their academic career. All eighteen finalists will be recognized and honored at the Straight “A” Luncheon on April 26th hosted by Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. At this lunch, one male and one female finalists will be announced as the Overall Straight “A” Student and receive an additional $3,000.

In the weeks leading up to the Straight “A” Luncheon, we will be sharing a brief profile of each finalist as well as catch up with some past Straight “A” Scholarship winners. Stay up to date and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (#SALuncheon) as we share some amazing stories about our finalists!