“Where Are They Now” Wednesday: Matt Krabacher

Today we will be featuring Matt Krabacher, a 2014 Scholarship Fund recipient to see how his first semester of college has been.

About Matt

Matt is a graduate of Stephen T. Badin High School and is a current freshman at Xavier University. He is majoring in nursing and holds a 3.25 GPA after his first semester. Matt currently spends his free time staying active and participating in intramural basketball. He also helps with his local 4-H group when he is home and over the summer break. He also currently lives in the same residence hall wing as all the freshman Xavier basketball players.

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College Life

So far, Matt has enjoyed college. It has been a big change in his life, but he has found that Xavier is the best fit for him and he couldn’t ask for anything more, except for less homework. $20,000 has enabled him to pursue his dreams of a higher education; it has allowed him to focus his attention on school and not so much of the cost of tuition, for not only himself but his family as well, as his medical bills exhausted their college savings. This scholarship, along with Matt’s summer job, have allowed him to focus on school and transitioning into college.

Why You Should Apply

“Knowing that I have $20,000 towards college that I don’t have to worry about is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Knowing I have that money already towards school has allowed me to keep myself focused on my studies. I did not have to look for work right away this first semester and was able to make the adjustment to college my priority. I am driven towards success even more so because the Anthony Muñoz Foundation has shown their faith in me. I want to not only succeed for myself, but for them as well. Every semester, I am reminded of and appreciate the generosity of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation in receiving this gift. Furthermore, my advice to potential recipients is that you have already overcome adversity, so know you are able to work hard and now you have to support of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation to help you continue your success. This scholarship is a means for you to get a higher education.”

You can learn a bit more about Matt and the adversity he had to overcome by watching his acceptance speech here.

As Matt said, you have the chance to further your education and you can take that chance by filling out the application here. You can also share the opportunity with someone you know whose hard work deserves to be recognized!

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald

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Scholarship Spotlight: DJ Davis

It’s time to catch up with a past Scholarship Fund recipient. This week we are featuring Dennis (DJ) Davis, a 2012 winner.

About DJ

DJ graduated from from Hillsboro High School in 2012. He is currently a junior at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Operations Management and holds a 3.68 GPA. Interestingly, he has family on three continents. As for his free time, when he is not tutoring for Whiz Kids, his main hobby is running. He is currently training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon.

College Life

DJ  said his college experience has been fun. He has made good friends, been to numerous sports games and even saw President Obama on campus. At first, it was a big adjustment, but has been a good experience and an opportunity for growth. blog graphic

Why You Should Apply

In DJ’s own words:

“The $20,000 scholarship has really been a blessing. Without it, I don’t know what I’d do. I didn’t have the resources to pay for college at the time, but earning the scholarship lets me breathe a lot easier. Not worrying about $20,000 in college expenses is very calming, so I can focus more on school and less on money. I remember getting the phone call from the Foundation and I think I might have exploded with excitement. To be able to go through so many hardships and still earn an opportunity to go to to college–I had never felt better. Earning my degree has always been a huge goal of mine and because of the scholarship, I get to achieve that goal next year. I can’t thank the Foundation enough for the help they’ve given me. If you’re thinking about applying, you should! The Foundation is great and so caring! I remember having my doubts about sending in my application, but I am so glad I did!”

Take DJ’s advice and apply today! The application can be found here. If you know someone who would be a great fit for the Scholarship Fund, you can also share this information with them. Kaitlyn Fitzgerald Events Intern

Aiken Students Stepping Up!

Getting the ball rolling for a Service Challenge Project is the first obstacle that many schools have to overcome; the next is sticking to the plan and adjusting it along the way. Aiken had major adjustments when issues arose due to factors out of the students control. Because of this the students knew what they had to do to make their “SPARK Sierra” project happen. “SPARK for Sierra” is aimed at raising funds to build a new school in Sierra Leone, Africa. With a goal to raise $4,400  Aiken came together, stepped up, took the initiative and follow through to be able to build this new school.


The students realized that one fundraising event wouldn’t be enough to help them reach their goal. They got creative and decided on three major opportunities to help raise enough money for the new school in Africa. Events included:

  • “Change for Change”: where they coordinated, collected and counted the money throughout the month of November.
  • “Adopt a Door”: where the staff had to pick a specific piece of building to pay for the new school.
  • “Aiken 5K”: The last event that will be taking place is a 5K this Friday, March 27th. The walk-a-thon is a representation of how many miles the students would have to walk if the school isn’t built. They are asking $10 donations to sponsor a student in the walk-a-thon, you can donate here at: http://anticipatechange.com/rw/aiken-largo/.

Aiken follow up photo 2

Thank you for inspiring our  communities to come together and make a difference Aiken! Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! pages this Friday, March 27th as we visit Aiken and take part in their 5k. You can see all the projects that have taken place by looking up #AMFChallenge!

Shelbi Felblinger

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“Where Are They Now” Wednesday: Logan Frederick

Today we will be featuring Logan Frederick, a 2014 Scholarship Fund recipient. This is what we found out about Logan nearly a year after receiving her $20,000 scholarship:

About Logan

She was a 2014 Clinton-Massie High School graduate and is a current student at Wright State University studying nursing with a 3.3 GPA. When Logan is not studying hard, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, who is from England and who she met him a day after the Scholarship Dinner at the Christian summer camp they worked at together. She also enjoys reading the Divergent series, watching Grey’s Anatomy, running, listening to music, and hanging out with or talking to friends and loved ones.

logan (2)

Logan with her brother and Anthony during the ceremony where she received her scholarship.

Why You Should Apply

This is what Logan had to say about the impact of the scholarship on her life:

“I am so blessed to be an award-winning recipient of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation Scholarship. The $20,000 scholarship has impacted me immensely and has given me a chance to further my education. My goal of being a nurse is now more attainable than if I hadn’t received the scholarship. At the moment, college is going very well and I enjoy working hard to reach my goals. It feels good knowing that there is $20,000 towards my school that I don’t have to worry about. It gives me a chance to focus on just school instead of worrying about school and finances. My advice to potential recipients is to keep working hard no matter what adversity you have to overcome. You should apply for this scholarship because you most certainly can win if you work hard to earn it!”

You can also learn more about Logan’s story here.

Take Logan’s advice and fill out the application here; there is nothing to lose! You can also share the opportunity with someone you know whose hard work deserves to be recognized!

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald

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Moeller’s Service Challenge Project

“Working for a Smile”

The students at Moeller took on the Youth Leadership Seminar Service Challenge and have been working around the clock to accomplish their goal in uniting communities here in Cincinnati and in Peru! We were able to sit down with Junior Will Gilliland the student leader to discuss their plans for the Challenge. Check out the video below of Will explaining “Working for a Smile”:

Moeller High School had visited a family in Peru on a mission trip and assisted with running pipeline through their home to get clean water. While there the students realized how something that may seem like a small gesture really helped out the family. This gesture sparked the idea to continue to help families in Peru once again!

With the idea in mind, the Youth Leadership Seminar was the perfect platform to get the ball rolling. Although the Seminar helped to start the project the student’s passion for their cause is essential.

The student’s goal right now is to raise $6000 to go back to Peru. Will Gilliand the head of the student lead project has asked for donations outside of his local Kroger and the students created their own Go Fund Me to receive donations. On top of this they’re getting the entire school involved! At a Friday night basketball game they sold shaved ice and the profits went toward their project “Working for a Smile”.

Throughout the week Moeller High will be scraping up pennies in a Penny War to continue their efforts in reaching their overall goal!

“You have to experience it to understand what we’re doing, we now have 10 to 15 students planning to go on the trip and I hope everyone will continue the project once I graduate” -Will Gilliland

Check out Moeller’s Go Fund Me page at: http://www.gofundme.com/moellerservice

Continue posting about your school’s Service Challenge Project using #AMFChallenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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“Where Are They Now” Wednesday: Mike Kruer

Today we will be featuring Mike Kruer, a 2011 Scholarship Fund recipient. We caught up with Mike to see what he was up to after graduation.

About Mike

A Highlands High School graduate and a fall 2014 graduate, Mike was also awarded $20,000 by the Foundation. Now that Mike has completed his college career, he volunteers for  the Alexandria Police Department as a Explorer Post Adviser. He also enjoys playing soccer, going skiing, and volunteering a local animal shelters. He likes to live an active life, so he constantly tries to find more things to do to keep himself busy.

College Life

During the first weekend home from school of Mike’s freshman year, his grandfather, who raised him, passed away. This motivated Mike to complete his degree for his grandpa. Despite this incredibly hard time, Mike still had a blast at college. He made lifelong friends and learned a lot. For him, college was a real time for learning and becoming responsible in many areas, like making sure to get to class on time, managing a budget and keeping his grades where they should be. In college, Mike studied criminal justice and learned from some incredible professors.  The experiences and the people he met and learned from have influenced who he is today and helped him become the person he is in the professional world.


Why You Should Apply

Mike’s story is moving, and we are happy to be a part of it. The impact the Foundation has had on him is also inspiring:

“The Scholarship provided to me by the Foundation has made college a much more manageable task.  In today’s times, many college students have to take out a loan or multiple loans, as well as juggle school with a job to make ends meet. I was blessed with the scholarship so I just had to focus on my studies. This was very important so that I could achieve my full potential academically. I made the Dean’s List, which is no small feat. Without the Foundation’s scholarship, college would have been a lot more stressful and I probably would not have finished in three and a half years.  This Foundation has made local student’s education dreams come true. I know it made mine come true. I am a college graduate with no debt and no financial stress. I appreciate everything this organization has done for me and all the staff and volunteers at the Foundation for making such a huge impact on the Tri-State area. The Foundation is changing lives and is an asset to the Tri-State area! For all those potential candidates out there that are reading this, please apply for all the scholarships and awards you can; money should never be an obstacle when you are chasing your dreams and your future.”

We want to help high school seniors like you have the same great college experience Mike had! The application for the scholarship can be found here, or you can share the opportunity with someone who could benefit from it.

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald

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“Where Are They Now” Wednesday: Jodi Seale

We recently caught up with Jodi Seale, one of our 2014 AMF Scholarship Fund winners, to see how her $20,000 college scholarship has affected her life nearly a year after receiving it.

About Jodi

Jodi Seale graduated from Felicity-Franklin in May 2014. She currently attends The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences where she is majoring in nursing holds a 3.65 GPA. When Jodi is not in school, every Wednesday she goes to Whiz Kids, a program she became involved with through the Foundation. Here, she mentors a little girl who holds a special place in her heart.


College Life

Even though Jodi is not a big fan of change and was nervous about beginning her college career, she has grown to absolutely love it. She was especially concerned about the financial burden. That is, until she received a $20,000 scholarship from the Foundation. After her first semester of college, Jodi realized the amount of time and effort that goes into earning good grades. Because of her scholarship, she was able to focus wholly on school and not have to worry about how she would be able to pay for it.

Why You Should Apply

In Jodi’s own words:

“Not only did I receive $20,000 dollars toward my education but I also gained a whole foundation that believes in my education, and me that is the rewarding part. Coming from a single parent household, going into my first year of college I had a huge weight on my shoulders. I kept asking myself, ‘How in the world am I going to be able to pay for college?’ My mother had just enough to make ends meet each month. With receiving this scholarship it has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. If I had the chance to tell any future recipients why they should apply for this scholarship, I would tell them that this scholarship is so much more than just the money. The Anthony Muñoz Foundation cares about you and your future. They want to be a part of it.”

You too, like Jodi, can experience all the the Scholarship Fund and the Foundation has to offer. We encourage you to apply for the scholarship, which can be found here, or to share the opportunity with someone you know.

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald

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