Happy Giving Tuesday!

Happy Giving Tuesday!  We promise today is a real holiday (look it up here on the internet).   Today is the first day ever that it is taking place.  How are you celebrating this year?  In honor of the holiday let’s see how some of the Service Challenge schools are making everyday Giving Tuesday.



Lebanon High School

 They will host their “Basketball for Food” game this Saturday where they will be presenting the local food pantry with the money and the food items they have been gathering this year.  So far they have raised almost $1000! Go Lebanon, we can’t wait to come see your game this Saturday!

Bracken County High School

On December 7th will host their “It Can Wait!” campaign assembly to combat distracted driving.  We are so excited to see your assembly and all your hard work Bracken!

Amelia High School

They recently collected over 4,000 non-perishable food items for their food drive.  Here’s a picture of the winning class that collected 960 cans!  Way to go Amelia, you did awesome!



Franklin High School

They are currently raising funds to help open a library at their local preschool/kindergarten center after lack of funds led to the cut of the program.  Group members will also be going to the school weekly to read to the students.  Good luck Franklin, we know you will do great!


Hamilton High School

And who can forget how great Hamilton’s Anti-Bullying campaign was last year?  Read the blog.

Give Back, Make today count.  Let us know how you are celebrating Giving Tuesday in the comments below or on Twitter.   #MFGB  #MOVE2012


AMF Experience Intern 

Service Challenge Tour Announcement

Have you heard?  The Anthony Muñoz Foundation is going on tour!  For the first time ever, we will be doing a Service Challenge School Tour and we want to stop at your school.  We will stop at 7-10 schools along the way and we hope your school is one of these stops. (To read more about what the Service Challenge Project is, check out our past blog here)


*Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we will not be in this cool bus.

If you would like your school to be one of our stops, please let us know your project details, dates, and times that we could visit.  So now you may be thinking, “What will happen at each tour stop?”  Well, staff from the Foundation will come take some pictures, film some video, interview you about the project, and maybe even bring some special guests… Like who?  Like Anthony Muñoz!

Keep working hard out there.  We are so happy that you are participating in the Service Challenge.  You are doing great things for others and for your community!


AMF Experience Intern