Shout Out to our 2014 $20,000 Scholarship Winners!

Ring Ring…It’s Your Future Calling!

       It’s not every day that your school’s athletic trainer interrupts your last bell with an important phone call, only to see Anthony Muñoz staring back at you through the screen on FaceTime. For one lucky and remarkably deserving student, that was just the case this past Friday at St. Xavier High School, in senior, Delrico Hill’s Finance class. Check out his pleasantly surprised (and slightly shocked!) reaction!


        Our annual Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund awards multiple Tri-State seniors with $20,000 for continuing their college education at the college level. We had a blast surprising each of our seven winners with the exciting news and managed to capture all of the memories on camera! All of our winners visited our headquarters last week for an in-depth interview with our official selection committee, including Anthony himself. We were blown away with the amount of outstanding candidates who applied this year making it incredibly difficult to choose just six so… we are giving away an additional scholarship for a grand total of $140,000! Although we wish we could award every deserving student who applies, we are confident that these students will accomplish remarkable success in their college careers and bright future!

 And a big CONGRATULATIONS to our Super Seven!

Logan Frederick, Clinton-Massie High School

Delrico Hill, Saint Xavier High School

Matthew Krabacher, Badin High School

Austin Morgan, New Miami High School

Jodi Seale, Felicity-Franklin High School

Andrew Rudd, Franklin High School

Dezire Lowry, Purcell Marian High School

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Another Great Year of Whiz Kids Has Come and Gone!

A Look at Our Whiz Kid’s Graduation Party Last Week 

Another year has come and gone, and what a year it has been! Last week we celebrated our annual Whiz Kid’s graduation party to celebrate our Robert’s Academy elementary students and their accomplishments.

Each student received a personalized book to continue reading throughout the summer, a graduation certificate, and a personal “congratulations” from Anthony himself. Although the tutors loved seeing their Whiz Kid graduate, I think our graduates favorite part was the Chick- Fil- A nugget tray! A big thank you to Michael Calloway at the Western Hills Chick-Fil-A for adding a lot of excitement to the party!

This year we had four fifth graders officially graduate from Whiz Kids for good! They will be moving on up to the 6th grade with ease. We have 19 other students who will stay with us for a few more years, and we cannot be happier to have them! We also have four kindergartners that will be moving on to the 1st grade and will get to stay with us for four more years!

The graduation party is only one of many events we celebrate with our Whiz Kids. Each year we have numerous holiday parties including Christmas with Santa and an Easter egg hunt. Our group of Whiz Kids is a lively bunch to say the least! They are full of energy and their love of reading is growing each year.

We would not be able to reach these children if it weren’t for our wonderful tutors. The biggest thank you of all goes to each and every tutor. Every time they come to Whiz Kids they are showing our children that they are important, and education is important. It has been a joy to personally be a part of this great program this year!

To learn more about the Whiz Kids program through City Gospel Mission, visit their site. We will be anxiously awaiting the fall when we will begin yet another year with our wonderful Whiz Kids!


All of our wonderful Whiz Kids after their graduation ceremony with Anthony!

All of our wonderful Whiz Kids after their graduation ceremony with Anthony!

One of our fourth graders, Abelardo and his tutor Tom, with Anthony!

One of our fourth graders, Abelardo and his tutor Tom, with Anthony!


Congrats Whiz Kids!
Victoria Sabato
Straight “A” Intern