Service Challenge Spotlight: Northwest High School


Welcome, Readers! Mya, here.

Here at AMF we love hearing about how our program students are making an impact in their communities, but what we love even more is sharing their impact with all of you! Our Service Challenge asks students to find a need in their community and address it through pledged projects. This allows students who attended our Youth Leadership Seminar to take knowledge and skills they learned and apply them to their own community.

Today’s Service Challenge Spotlight is about Northwest High School and their “Pre-Prom” extravaganza. An identified issue discussed at YLS was the interaction between the student body and their special needs students. A few of their student leaders noticed that at their Senior Prom, the special needs students were less inclined to participate in the dancing and other events and wondered if they were merely overwhelmed by the people and the event.

Thus the “Pre-Prom” was born!

On March 28th from 6-8pm, the U-Knighted Knights will invite the unit kids from Northwest and Colerain to come to Northwest HS for a pre-Prom dance.  And the impact doesn’t stop there! They’ve even gotten members of their community involved with their project. The students’ parents will be invited to escort them, and the event will be catered by one of their school sponsors.  Their AD is going to DJ the event and they’ll even have students from their Cosmetology class from Butler Tech lined up to take beauty appointments for students attending that night.

We’re so proud of these students for making a difference in their community. Way to go, Northwest!

Have a Service Challenge Project coming up? Let us know about it! We’d love to get involved. Email with any questions, concerns or to tell us about the great work your students are doing.

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