Where Are They Now Wednesday!

Tips on Time Management for College Students!

Do you manage your time well?

Elizabeth Potter, our 2010 Scholarship Fund finalist, has a very crazy schedule. Elizabeth is a junior science/pre-med student at Xavier University (Go Muskies!) and a very responsible young adult. With a 3.8 GPA, Elizabeth also works part time at the Xavier IMG_4034library and is responsible for paying her own bills, which includes things for her car, clothing, going out, and her entire tuition.

Elizabeth has said that:

“As a science/pre-med student, I have a very rigorous schedule, and I always have a large amount of homework and studying. Without the AMF scholarship, I would probably have to work full time, which would severely cut into my studying time and it would be very hard to keep up my academics. Sometimes when I am feeling overstressed, I think about the AMF and I am again inspired to do my best.”

When I first started at Xavier, I underestimated how much work I would have. Hanging out with friends and joining some clubs on campus was really important to me, but I wasn’t sure how to balance that and studying. Here are some great tips I found from Kelci Lynn Lucier on how to manage your time well and keep everything in order:

  1. Get — and use — a calendar. It can be a paper calendar. It can be your cell phone.
  2. Allow for flexibility.  You may have forgotten that there is a Xavier basketball game and you want to see Dee Davis and Semaj Christon rule the court. Leave room in your calendar so that you can move things around a little when needed.
  3. Plan ahead. Don’t let a school project due date sneak up on you. If you think you’ll time_management_101 need six weeks for the entire project, work backward from the due date and schedule the time into your calendar before it’s too late.

With such a busy schedule, Elizabeth does a really good job managing her time. Some of her tips for fellow college students are:

  1. Sacrifice: Know that sometimes you have to give up a TV show to get some work done.
  2. Know your limits: Adapt to having to focus and do good work while you are tired. But know that this does have a limit and you do have to sleep at some point.
  3. Allow yourself “You” time: This can be a great refresher, help you organize your thoughts, and recharge for the workload.

With the Foundation’s help, you have an opportunity to enter college less stressed and with a better understanding of how to manage your time. Make sure to apply today for the Scholarship Fund!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern

For a full list of tips click here!

Anderson High School Delivers Another Impactful Service Challenge Project

Donkey Basketball event raises $2400 for Cincinnati family

Remember our previous blog about Anderson High School’s Service Challenge Project? When we last left them the school’s Student Athletic Leadership Team (SALT) were planning a fundraising game for the Malling family with two boys who attend AHSAnderson High School with Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease.  The boy’s father was also just diagnosed with Parkinson’s Diease which has also been tough on the family.

The Foundation was invited to the event last Thursday to see all the effort and hard work of Anderson High School.  I personally got to sit down with a few of the SALT members and see their excitement in being able to help out the Malling family.

Anderson sold tickets for the event and gave the money to the Malling family to help pay off their mortgage once their father is unable to work.AHS 3  In total, the event raised $2400 and received close to 800 attendees to help support the Malling family. Thank you for inviting us Anderson and continuing to create valuable projects!  We had a blast and are so amazed to see the great thing you have done for a family of Anderson.

Kendall, one of the SALT members, I spoke with, said there were some times when planning for the event wasn’t always the smoothest but the school and Malling boys were always there to help keep her motivated throughout the process.  She also loved attending YLS  and would definitely recommend that others consider attending.


Experience Intern

Where Are They Now Wednesday!

The Teacher’s Perspective:

This week of “Where Are They Now Wednesday” is a very special edition. Featured in this week’s post is Angie Dee, who is a teacher at RUHL. Angie was the nominating teacher for Jarrin Taul (Missed his acceptance speech? Click here!), 2011 Straight “A” finalist and Scholarship Fund winner. Check out my conversation with Angie and see how nominating a student could not only positively affect your student, but you as well:

Mike Rizio: What do you look for when nominating a student?

Angie Dee: There are many academically successful and deserving students who are in need of financial help from the foundation but I think it is most important to recognize someone who has consistently worked to overcome life’s obstacles and will make a significant impact on their community.  It is important to recognize those who persist until they succeed and are driven by the passion to rise above all of the challenges life can throw at one’s personal journey.

MR: What benefits do you think the Foundation gives the students?

2011 Straight A 204

Anthony, Jarrin, and Angie

AD: The benefits that the AMF provides are remarkable.  The financial support is incredible but more importantly it is the personal interest that the foundation takes in the lives of each scholarship winner.  The contact the foundation has with the scholarship winners long after they have received the financial contribution is astounding.  The foundation truly cares about the future of these remarkable students.

MR: What keeps you nominating?

AD: I will continue to nominate students because I hold the highest respect for the foundation.  The foundation is first class and maintains the same values that I have.  I am truly grateful that the foundation was able to see the potential which I see in Jarrin and others.  Anthony isn’t operating a foundation for the marketing of his name but to inspire, provide recognition, give financial support and give hope and keep dreams alive.

MR: You had a Straight “A” finalist and Scholarship Fund winner Jarrin Taul in class, how do you think it impacted him, you, the school, and the community?

AD: The experience has been life changing for Jarrin and personally rewarding for me.  I have had many great success stories in the classroom but attending the Straight A Scholarship Luncheon and supporting Jarrin as he gave his speech was one of the highlights of my career.  Next thing I knew, I was at the Red’s game watching Jarrin represent the foundation by throwing the first pitch at the game.

MR: Lastly, what would you tell students who are hesitant to apply for the Scholarship Fund or teachers who are hesitant to nominate students for Straight “A”?

AD: I would ask them what the heck are they waiting for?!

Well put Angie! The deadline for nominating a student for Straight “A” is Monday, February 25th. Get out there and nominate. Be like Angie Dee and make a difference in your student’s future!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern


YLS School Gives Back to a Former Principal

Hamilton High School hosts dodge ball tournament to raise funds for Mary Beth Robinson

Hamilton High School continues their streak of awesome service projects in 2013!  (Don’t remember their winning service project from last year? Check it out here).  At October’s YLS, Hamilton had originally planned a different project.  They wanted to create a room full of donations where students could pick up items they needed or just hang out in a comfortable, safe environment.  However, they came up with a new idea to help someone near to their heart.

On January 17th, the Hamilton representatives at YLS hosted a dodge ball tournament.  This tournament helped raise funds for Mary Beth Robinson who was a principal at Hamilton for 24 years.  She had a stroke last February and her family’s insurance won’t pay for therapy.  The students decided that Mrs. Robinson and her husband, the basketball coach, are such an important part of the high school that they wanted to give back to the family.

Students from Hamilton High School, Freshman School and Middle Schools all participated in the tournament.  Students charged $2 to play dodgeball and charged each person $1 to watch the games. Hamilton was also able to get other students involved in the event.  HHS and MBRThe Hamilton ROTC members helped protect the fans from flying dodge balls.

The group also accepted donations at the Hamilton vs. Badin basketball game were able to raise $3,500 for Mrs. Robinson in one day!  Now, Badin and Hamilton are currently in the works of planning an adult concert to raise the rest of the money for Mrs. Robinson.

Good luck Hamilton!  You can do whatever you put your minds to!

Check back next week to read all about Anderson’s event that was on Wednesday.


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Where Are They Now Wednesdays! – College Costs Edition


  • The average tuition and fees per year for private four-year college is up 4.5%
  • The average tuition and fees per year for public four year college is up 8.3%.

As a college student myself I can assure you it does not just end at tuition. Cost of food and living puts a damper on things as well!

  • The average annual cost of books for a college student ranges from $850 to $1,000 a year.

One of the biggest anxieties of going to college is worrying about how to pay. Jonathan Schoonover, 2012 Scholarship Fund finalist, said that because of the scholarship he is able to focus more on his school work and less on financial issues that most college students are concerned about, just like our other Scholarship Fund winner Tyra Chapple.

In the past three years the Anthony Muñoz Foundation has awarded deserving students like Jonathan $320,000 through the Scholarship Fund and $126,000 through the Straight “A” Scholarship.

Johnathan Schoonover

After being awarded the Scholarship, Jonathan said that the Foundation has drastically affected his life in a way he couldn’t even begin to explain. The scholarship he was award from the Foundation was the most exciting and most rewarding thing upon graduating high school.

Jonathan didn’t apply for many scholarships in high school until being pushed by one of teachers to fill out the application. Today he is a freshman at Northern Kentucky University with a 3.4 GPA. Don’t think twice, apply today or nominate a student and allow us to make college life a little less stressful!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern

Statistics can be found by clicking here and here.


AMF YLS School Making a Difference in Cincinnati

Anderson High School Helping Others with Donkeys and Basketball

Donkeys, Basketball, Helping others in need.  What do these three things have in common?  They are all part of Anderson High School’s Service Challenge Project, of course.

Anderson High School will be hosting a donkey basketball tournament to help raise funds for the Malling Family.  The family has two boys with Pelizaeus-Merzbeacher Disease who photoattend Anderson High School.  Their father was also just recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which has been difficult news for the family.  Anderson loves the Malling family and wants to be able to give back to them in their time of need.  All the funds from the ticket sales will go directly to the family.


The games will take place next Wednesday, February 13th with the first game starting at 7:00 pm in their high school gym.  Tickets are $6 in advance and $8 at the door.

Anderson flyer

You can support Anderson High School and the Malling Family by emailing Pat Thatcher for advance tickets at

We cannot for this event Anderson!  See you next Wednesday!



Experience Intern



Where Are They Now Wednesday! – Tyra Chapple

Where Are They Now Wednesday IS BACK! This week we will be featuring Tyra Chapple who won the Scholarship Fund in 2009!

Tyra applied for the Scholarship Fund her senior year of high school with her best friend Denaisha Thomas, who also received the award. Tyra and Denaisha have been through so much together. Best friends through high school, they not only applied for the Scholarship


Denaisha (Left) and Tyra (Right)

Fund together but they also found out that they received the award together at their graduation ceremony. After graduating from Hughes Center High School the friends took their next journey together and started their freshman year at Xavier University. (As a Xavier undergrad myself, I applaud her choice!)

Tyra has said that the amount of generosity and kindness felt among The Anthony Munoz Foundation and their supporters was and IS to this day simply indescribable. She went on to say:

“As I embark within my career as a novice nurse, I am grateful to Anthony and everyone involved who make such opportunities possible for students. 
This scholarship not only relieves families of a financial burden, but it also gives each student an additional support system. This foundation has been extraordinary to me and has helped me to illuminate a path to my dream of becoming a nurse practitioner. I sincerely would encourage students to apply for the Anthony Munoz scholarship program; to receive financial and emotional support from generous people like Anthony is a true blessing.”

Following up with previous winners has been incredible and it is great to hear how well they are doing! By applying for the Scholarship Fund or being nominated for the Straight “A” Scholarship deserving students in the Tri State area have the ability to follow their dreams. Be sure to help us recognize your students!

 Mike Rizio
Programs Intern