T.G.I.S.C.F- Idea Springboard

Happy Friday Everyone!

As we get closer to this year’s YLS, you may be preparing ways to get involved in this year’s Service Challenge project.  However, some of you may be thinking, “I have absolutely no idea how to pick a need in my school or community.”  Have no fear!  This Service Challenge Friday blog is all about sparking some ideas on what type of service project you can implement. 

Take a good look around you school and your community.  Is there anything you love and would like to see more of?  Is there anything that bothers you and feel like it needs addressed?  Anything you feel really passionate about?

And finally, if you absolutely cannot think of anything that could be changed, here are a few examples of what you could do for your project:  clothing drive, raise money for your school to get new supplies, work with the elderly, help families in need, help your school be more environmentally friendly.  The possibilities are endless!


Goshen High School, last year’s Service Challenge winners, raised money to buy a fellow classmate a new wheelchair.  Now that’s a great Service Challenge project!  Way to go Goshen!

Get out there and get creative!  You can make a difference, I know you can!  Let’s keep this idea springboard going.  Tell us in the comments what ideas you are thinking of and be prepared to share them on the big day.


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Speaker Spotlight: Journey of Action

Hello YLS-ers!

Only 3 weeks to go until YLS is here…woot woot! I hope you all are getting pumped because we can’t wait to meet you! Things are busy busy busy around here at the office with everyone working their hardest to make this event a success! In the next couple weeks we’ll be giving you the rundown on who is going to be at the event, so you can be looking forward to hearing our guests and speakers.


Today I am going to focus on Journey of Action.  Journey of Action will be one of the featured speakers at this year’s YLS. Journey of Action is a project created by two siblings, Kassidy and Ryan Brown.  It is an independent production company that produces inspiring and eye-opening short films that promote growth and change in the world.

Their mission goes hand in hand with our Move Forward, Give Back theme this year. They believe that “this generation is aware of our social and environmental challenges we face on a local and global level, but they lack the daily tools for action,” and that at the same time while many groups, individuals, and organizations are taking steps to make an active difference, they are receiving little to no media attention for their work at all. “Journey of Action fills that void by featuring these amazing change-makers in entertaining and enlightening short form videos that aim to inspire the viewers to take action.”

Watch a video here to learn more!

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Impact Intern


Hello Again!

What comes to mind when thinking about service?  Do you work in food service, go to a service, take your car to get serviced or do community service?   No matter how you use the word service, it still seems to have the same implication:  to help someone.  We here at Anthony Muñoz Foundation believe service is exactly that: the act of reaching out of your comfort zone to help someone in need.  How have you stepped out of your comfort zone for service?

Many don’t believe that young people have the drive to make a difference…let’s challenge that idea.  In fact, let’s participate in the 2012 YLS Service Challenge.  Specifically, let’s think of service projects that could help your school or community based on your own unique idea.  This year’s YLS Service Project is a great way to get involved and make needed changes.  So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming ways that you could make an impact, because I know your minds are filled with awesome ideas!

What need do you see at your school or around your home?  Is safety an issue?   Are kid’s being bullied and dealing with low self-esteem?  Do you feel like your community could do a better job of giving to those in need?  Help develop and implement a service project of your own for whatever you are passionate about.  Be ready to share these ideas at the Seminar and live out the theme Move Forward, Give Back.

Tell us in the comments below what service means to you.  Who knows?  It may even spark an idea for this year’s Service Challenge and be helpful for next week’s Service Challenge Friday post…hint, hint.

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What is the meaning of Leadership?


According to the dictionary, a leader is someone who leads or sets an example to follow. At the Anthony Muñoz Foundation we believe that definition only touches to the surface of what leadership is.

A leader is someone with a goal. Someone who cares. A person that is passionate about things going on around them. A leader is a hard worker. Someone who wants to help others.  A person that is engaging. A leader is a teacher and a learner. A listener. A doer. Someone that gets people excited about reaching a goal. A leader is accepting of others. Someone who is understanding. A leader is enthusiastic and determined. Someone who is assertive, yet flexible. Leadership embodies compassion, purpose, and drive.

A leader can be anyone, especially YOU! We hope that the speakers you hear at YLS and the discussions you have during breakout sessions can inspire you to be amazing leaders in your communities! You all have what it takes.


Go ahead and get brainstorming now! What are you passionate within your area? What are some service projects you could come up with to better your community?

Move Forward, Give Back.

Be Bold! The world is waiting to be changed. You can do it!


Impact Intern

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T.G.I.S.C.F Spotlight Hamilton High School


As Shelby mentioned on Wednesday, this year’s YLS theme is Move Forward, Give Back.  Just in case you are not sure what this means, this blog may help the theme sink in a little more.  So let’s continue Service Challenge Friday by spotlighting an amazing school who won 2nd place in the 2012 YLS Service Challenge.

Hamilton High School…


What’d they do!?

Hamilton High school saw the need for an anti-bullying campaign following trends of bullying in the media and seeing bullying occur locally. 


Why’d they do it?!

While attending YLS, Hamilton High School was able to hear Fr. Graham speak on leadership and hear ideas that motivated its own interests and community needs.  After YLS, Hamilton got their project underway. 

“We have amazing untapped potential in our kids; we need to learn the power that they have.  They may not think that one person can make a difference but it is possible.”-Chrissy Hutzelman


Who was involved?!

Over 35 students got involved in making a difference.  These students made weekly visits to 3 different grades in 8 Hamilton elementary schools to teach kids the effects of bullying and the importance of treating others with respect.

“The Service Challenge project had a huge impact on me. I loved going to the schools and speaking to the students. It felt great leaving the schools knowing I made an impact on their everyday lives and knowing I made a difference.” Hamilton Student Jaclyn Asher


What will they do with the prize $$

As the 2nd place winners in the 2012 YLS Service Challenge, Hamilton High School won $1,000 and will be using those funds to support their service challenge project and to possibly even reach out to their middle school students as well.

Real Community Involvement!

Hamilton’s own local community organization, Hamilton Leadership Group even got involved, by adopting the program and helping out.  Due to their hard work and the many other projects that they participate in, Hamilton High School was a 2012 recipient of the National School District of Character Award from the Character Education Partnership. 

Hamilton High School’s story just goes to show that starting with a small idea or a small group of people has the potential to branch into something bigger. 

And I want to give a special thanks to Chrissy Hutzelman and Jaclyn Asher for providing us with all the great information for this blog post!  We can’t wait to see you at YLS this year.


Let Hamilton know how awesome they are in the comments below!  And start thinking about ways that you can Move Forward, Give Back.

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This year’s YLS theme: MOVE 2012!


Hey Guys!

Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. This week, we are focusing on the theme of YLS this year which is Move Forward, Give Back, or MOVE 2012 for short. 

What this means to us is that we should be constantly refocusing our lives to be moving forward,looking to the future. Moving forward to better things.  But with this notion of moving forward, it is essential to give back; to give of yourself and your successes to help others be able to move forward as well.  

Think of how powerful a movement (no pun intended) it could become if as the young leaders of this world are all working hand in hand to move forward, and progress toward the betterment of society and give back to benefit those less fortunate and give others some stepping stones for their future. You guys can literally change the world!

So with the theme of MOVE 2012 this year, we want all your brains to be buzzing with ways to contribute to this awesome movement! How can you help your school, your community, your country? Anything is possible when you set your mind to it, no matter what obstacles stand in your way!

Stay tuned for Kenna’s Service Challenge Friday’s Post and remember:

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