Making an Impact Through the #AMFChallenge

Hey readers, Mya here. Since October, we’ve had so many schools email us about their Service Challenge Projects. This extension of our Youth Leadership Seminar allows students make an impact in their community. To show how proud we are of our program students, I wanted to share a few projects that were shared with us.

Seton: Day of Service

Starting off at their designated Houses at school (they have 4), students will have breakfast together, do some bonding activities, and share how they think they can build their own blueprint for service now and in the future. Then Nick Jackson is going to talk to the entire school and share the impact that individuals can have on their community by serving.  After Nick, each mentor group (24 of them) are going to serve either directly at the location or indirectly by doing some projects at school. Then they will come back to school, eat lunch and reflect on our service experience by sharing with our Houses. Then we will finish the day with a prayer service. The prayer service will have 4 reflections (one from each House) regarding the service experience.



After tragedy struck in their school community, Turpin students participated in a project that affected their entire school in December 2019. They started a HOPE ROCKS campaign where students/Teachers/Community people could paint a rock with a positive message of Hope and place it on the path that leads up to their Soccer/Football/Baseball field. Check out their YouTube video here.

Anderson: “Blueprint You” Mentorship

Through their “Blueprint You” mentorship program, Anderson SALT students participated in Prevention First training on pharming effects of prescription drugs and presented this to the health classes at Nagel Middle School. They’ve also spoken to the Nagel athletic teams as “guest speakers” on the topic of hard work and answered questions from the kids (many wanted to know “what it was like” to be a high schooler, or what they wish they would have done differently as a middle school athlete). Anderson SALT students are completing a new Prevention First training on the dangers of vaping and are planning on doing another round of presentations to Nagel Middle School health classes.

Ursuline: Positivity Drive

The Positivity Drive works to promote positive attitudes and supportive relationships within the Ursuline and greater Cincinnati community. There will be interactive posters hung near the café, and an opportunity to put affirming post it notes on friends’ lockers. There will also be a collection of self-care products for the women at First Step Home. First Step Home is an all-women’s shelter with the goal of encouraging self-sufficient recovery from addiction, while allowing single moms to live with their children. They are looking for donations of bath wash, shampoo, conditioner, nail polish and makeup. These products will help foster the mission of the Positivity Drive. Through their project, students were able to see that they can make a significant difference for community partners when they work together. Over 850 items were collected and delivered to First Step Home. The positive notes to community members helped all to feel seen and valued.


The amazing work that these students are doing inspires us every day and we could not be more thankful for their dedication and determination. Thank you to everyone who has shared their projects with us so far. Completed a project and wondering what the next step is? Email to find out! Completed a project and haven’t reached out? Send us an email! We would love to hear about the work your students are doing.

As always, thanks for taking the time to stay up to date on all things AMF!

See you guys soon,


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