Thankful for the AMF Service Challenge

Welcome back, Readers! Mya, here. Keeping with the theme of thankfulness this November, this week’s blog post is a thank you to our Service Challenge Project participants. Since the official start of the #AMFChallenge we have received a lot of submissions about ideas from some of our partner schools. I wanted to highlight the projects that Loveland High School, Anderson High School, and Community Christian Academy have in the works.

Anderson AMF SCP


The student leaders of Loveland High School will be doing a fundraiser around a girls’ basketball OHSAA Foundation Game on November 19th.  The money raised during the game and during school that week will go towards the purchase of Ninja Warrior Obstacles for William Howard Taft Elementary. Loveland chose this particular school because they wanted to work with an elementary school that was outside of the district and connect with students at an inner-city school. These students will engage with their community to fundraise and then will interact and create a mentorship/giveback day with Taft Elementary. On this day, they will present the students of William Howard Taft Elementary their new Physical Education Ninja Warrior items. Great idea, Loveland!

Community Christian Academy:

The newly created Service Leadership Team at Community Christian Academy has been very active in their community over the past two months. With the holiday season right around the corner, I decided to highlight a few of their upcoming projects surrounding the holidays. Recently, CCA had a fundraiser to help provide food baskets and gift cards they collected to a local family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They also started a Thanksgiving food drive where all the donations will go to a local food outreach program in Kenton County. CCA students even partnered with the USO to send Christmas cards and letters to service members overseas for the Holidays. They will also be sending a banner created by the school to hang for the troops to see daily with words of encouragement and support. What a fantastic way to make an impact over the holiday season, CCA!

Anderson High School:

Last month Anderson High School sent 15 of their 150 Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) members to Nagel middle school through their newly created “Blueprint You” mentorship program. Through the Prevention First Program, students stayed after school for 3 extra hours to complete their certification/training to present to 7th grade health classes on the harmful effects of vaping. They also asked the middle school students to write (on a notecard) who they were, who they wanted to be, and what choices they were making to get there. This month, they’ll be sending 4 more SALT students down to the middle school, to participate on a panel for the Nagel 8th grade students, on “How to Survive High School.” Next semester, they plan to train 15 more SALT students to present in the health and wellness classes as well. We love the creativity, Anderson!

From the bottom of our hearts, everyone at the Foundation is so thankful for all the hard work and dedication these student leaders have put into the AMF Service Challenge. We can’t wait to see how some of our other partner schools will make an impact in their communities as well.

Don’t forget to keep us updated on your AMF Service Challenge Projects by using #AMFChallenge. And don’t forget to stop by next week to read all about how thankful we are for our scholarship program students!

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Special thanks to First Watch, our sponsor of AMF Service Challenge Projects. We cannot thank you enough for all you do, and your continued support of our student leaders!

A Thank You to our Volunteers

Hey readers! Mya, here. Now that it’s officially November, we’re feeling especially grateful for the many people that help to make AMF what it is. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing blogs about how thankful we are for them and everything they do.

This week’s post is a thank you to our volunteers! Our amazing team of volunteers consists of corporate partners, scholarship recipients, and even previous interns.

One of our favorite volunteer stories is about the Thatchers. Bill and Vickie started volunteering at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation around 2006. Their passion for volunteering was shown through their years of involvement with the Hall of Fame Experience and our Youth Leadership Seminar. After their passing, Bill and Vickie’s son Brandt wanted to continue his parents’ legacy by volunteering for events at the Foundation. He even brings his son Wesley to volunteer at our events, too! Bill and Vickie’s other son, Pat is also very involved with the Foundation. Pat has attended our Youth Leadership Seminar with Anderson High School and helped organize many AMF Service Challenge Projects. We’re so thankful for the Thatcher family and the impact they have made over the years.

Another amazing volunteer example is with our partners at Cincinnati Bell. For 19 years, they’ve not only sponsored some of our events, but volunteered at them as well. Bringing more than 120 volunteers, Cincinnati Bell attended the Hall of Fame Golf Classic and volunteered at our Youth Leadership Seminar for about 2 years. They even hosted a tour of their company for our Whiz Kids program. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done over the last 19 years!


It is not said enough the difference that our volunteers make in the lives of our AMF Impact Program Students. Interested in being a part of the impact? Follow the link here to become an AMF Volunteer or email Cristen at

Tune in next week for an update on the AMF Service Challenge Projects by Loveland and Community Christian Academy!

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The Road to Success: NKU Scholarship Opportunity

Welcome, readers! Mya, here. We have some very exciting news here at the foundation that we want you all to know about. Thanks to our new partnership with Northern Kentucky University (NKU), select Anthony Muñoz Foundation Impact Program students will be chosen to receive a scholarship from $500 to $20,000 to NKU. We couldn’t be more thrilled to aid our student leaders in achieving their goals through this opportunity.

The First Steps:

Step 1: To be considered for this scholarship, you must apply to NKU before November 29, 2019.

  • You’ll also need to provide proof of this application by sending us the NKU confirmation email you’ll receive.
  • Good News! If you apply to NKU before the deadline, your $40 application fee will be waived!

Step 2: Complete your FAFSA for the following school year.

Step 3: Complete the AMF scholarship application.

Step 4: Submit your application to the Anthony Munoz Foundation via:

  • Fax: (513) 772-4911
  • Scan and Email:
  • Mail*: Anthony Muñoz Foundation

8919 Rossash Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

Attn: Caleigh Willis

*If you submit your application on the day of the deadline it must be postmarked for November 29, 2019 by 11:59pm

Step 5: Wondering if you are eligible to receive this scholarship or have any questions? Email for more information.

Another thing to keep in mind when applying for this scholarship is that once you apply, you are automatically eligible for other scholarship opportunities through the Foundation. We want to see you succeed and are more than happy to give as you many tools as we can to help you achieve this.


Hayley Schrichten was one of our Scholarship Fund recipients, where she received a $20,000 scholarship from AMF, along with an additional $2,000 from NKU during last year’s Hall of Fame Dinner. Growing up, Hayley’s family “lived with different family members and several homeless shelters,” due to her parent’s addiction. In fourth grade alone she had “23 different addresses and had been enrolled into 9 different schools in just one year”. Luckily for her, a 19-year-old family friend, Stefanie fought to gain custody of her and her siblings and eventually won in 2010. Despite all odds, she graduated high school, unlike either of her parents, and even earned her STNA license.

Hayley says, “I grew up faster than most kids, but I will forever be an independent woman and achieve my goals. I use to wonder why God would let me go through so much. But my situation has showed me my purpose and I hope to one day give my children the childhood I never had and make a difference in the lives of children in similar situations as mine.”

Hayley’s story was such an inspiration to us, and we want to help students just like her succeed, despite all the barriers they’ve had to overcome.

As always, thank you for staying updated on all things AMF! As the holidays are around the corner, all of us here at the Foundation would like to take a step back and reflect on the things we’re truly grateful for. Visit us in the next couple weeks to hear all about the things we’re thankful for.

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