Have You Started Your #AMFChallenge Yet?!

Are you still feeling sparked  from YLS 2014?? We love that our speaker, Nick Jackson, got the students so excited about the #AMFChallenge! Take a look at what Nick Jackson had to say at the seminar!

We are so pleased that schools have already started their projects and were inspired to make a difference in their communities from listening to Nick Jackson! Here are some schools that took Nick’s advice and have started their projects in full force:

Moeller -“Working for a Smile” – Moeller will be raising money to help a family in Peru have enough money to get pipe-lining in their house. In the long-term they would like to be able to help the whole community with their piping. Moeller is ahead of game, take a look at what they have sent us!

New Miami – “Remembering a loved one” – as the community of New Miami High school mourns the loss of a student they have come together to fundraise and celebrate their students life. On October 27th they started their project by holding a candlelight vigil outside of the high school to remember the student and they will continue to fundraise and hold events in her memory.

Aiken – “Build a School” – Aiken will be taking their project to Sierra Lione, Africa and building a school for the kids there. Starting last week they started a “change4change” penny drive to raise money for their project. They will keep doing fundraising throughout the year to help them work toward their goal of building a school.

Turpin – “Fun with 911” – Turpin’s project will take place on November 25th from 1:15 until about 1:45. They are holding a basketball game where a group of selected seniors will be playing a group of firefighters and police. Students in the building are asked to pay a fee to attend the game and their proceeds will go to the EMS group.

Don’t forget to send us pictures, slide shows, meeting notes, etc. of the things you have been working on! Also, use #AMFChallenge so we can follow along with your project!


Caroline Wydysh

Events Intern


AMF Challenge 2014

We could not be happier with how spectacularly this year’s leadership seminar went! Over 1,500 students from 100 schools had a great time jamming to music from KJ-52 and listening to messages from our marvelous guest speakers. Students left the event inspired, ready to make a difference as leaders in their schools and communities.

Check out our recap video here!

A huge part of YLS is the AMF challenge. The challenge was created to spark students into becoming involved in their communities. We encourage students to come up with ideas that will make huge impacts in their communities. Over the past years, we’ve seen brilliant ideas come from the minds of our YLS leaders from canned food drives to raising money for various causes. This year is no different.

Even though students have only just begun brainstorming AMF challenges, the results are incredible! This year, schools are creating projects such as Special Olympics, community building, and anti-bullying campaigns. Students are also taking the words of our guest speakers to heart, and we’ve definitely noticed a few patterns arise.

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So far the AMF challenges have exceeded our expectations! We can’t wait to keep in touch with schools and see where their projects take them!

Jemannie Luong
Experience Intern

YLS Is Only Two Days Away!

It’s the final countdown to our big event: Youth Leadership Seminar 2014 is only two days away!


Here at AMF we want to nurture the growth and development of all Tri-State youth. YLS helps develop students into influential leaders with a fun filled day at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. Students walk in the door of Cintas as just students but by the end of the day they are empowered leaders. By hosting our annual YLS event, we are happy to know that these students walk away with such useful information and inspiration. Each school is left with a challenge at the end of the day that enables them to make a difference in their community!

Speakers: Each speaker will talk about what has sparked them to become a leader in their communities!

Crissy Lauderbach: Spark: encouragement.

Zakk Sharp:  Spark: inspiration.

Nick Jackson:  Spark: change.

Patrice Barnes: Spark: acceptance.

Jordan Edelheit: Spark: community.

Rachel Bucalo:  Spark: silence.

Breakout Sessions: During breakout sessions two schools will get paired together. The idea of the breakout session is to get students interactive with other students from other schools and also use their leadership skills to come up with a service challenge project that they will execute after the Youth Leadership Seminar. This is part of our #AMFChallenge. The winners of this challenge can win up to $2,000!

Thank you to all the school that will be attending this year. We can’t wait to see you and make this event one to never forget!

Aiken High School
Amelia High School
Anderson High School
Archbishop Alter High School
Augusta High School
Badin High School

Batavia High School
Bellbrook High School
Bellevue High School
Bethel-Tate High School
Blanchester High School
Boone County High School
Bracken County High School
Butler High School

Carlisle High School
Carroll High School
Cedarville High School
Cincinnati Country Day
Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
Clark Montessori
Clermont Northeastern High School
Clinton-Massie High School
Colerain High School
Community Christain Academy
Dater High School

Deer Park High School
Diamond Oaks Career Center
East Clinton High School
Easten Brown High School
Edgewood High School
Elder High School
Fairborn High School
Fairfield High School
Felicity-Franklin High School
Finneytown High School
Franklin High School
Gallatin County High School
Glen Este High School
Goshen High School
Grant Career Center
Great Oaks Harrison High School
Greeneview High School
Hamilton High School
Harrison High School
Hillsboro Christian High School
Hughes STEM
Indian Hill High School
Kettering Fairmont High School
Kings High School
Lakota East High School
Lakota West High School

Little Miami High School
Lockland High School
Loveland High School
Ludlow High School
Madeira High School
Madison High School
Mason High School
Middletown High School
Moeller High School
Monroe High School
Mother of Mercy High School
Mount Notre Dame High School
Mt. Healthy High School
New Miami High School
New Richmond High School
Newport Central Catholic High School
North College Hill High School
Northwest High School
Norwood High School
Notre Dame Academy
Oak Hills High School
Oakwood High School

Oyler High School
Pendleton County High School
Princeton High School

Purcell Marian High School
Reading High School
Ripley Union High School
Ross High School
Seton High School
Seven Hills High School
South Dearborn High School
Southeastern High School
Southern Hills Career Center
St. Bernard High School
St. Henry District High School
Switzerland County High School
Sycamore High School
Taft High School
Talawanda High School
Taylor High School
Turpin High School
Villa Madonna Academy
Waynesville High School
West Carrollton High School
Western Brown High School
Western Hills High School
Winton Woods High School
Woodward High School

FullSizeRender (2)Can’t attend?! Follow the event on twitter via #sparkcincy or view live stream by going to livestream.com/munozfoundation!

Caroline Wydysh

Events Intern