A Look at How Far We’ve Come!

Over One Million Dollars… That’s Pretty Far!

Every year the Foundation searches the great Tri-State high schools for deserving students to receive our two scholarships. Both the Straight “A” Scholarship and Scholarship Fund began in 2003, and still continue to reward students today.

The Straight “A” Program rewards any high school students who display the six straight “A”s the Foundation looks for. These include pursuing Academic excellence, Athletic achievement, an Active role in the community, possessing a strong Ambition, having a winning Attitude, and being able to overcome Adversity.

The 2013 Straight "A" Scholarship winners: Shannon Chambers, from Aiken High School (left), and Rachel Hall, from Saint Ursula Academy (right).

The 2013 Straight “A” Scholarship winners: Shannon Chambers, from Aiken High School (left), and Rachel Hall, from Saint Ursula Academy (right).

Students must be nominated by a teacher, principal, counselor, coach, parent, or anyone who sees all of these wonderful qualities in that student! Only seniors are eligible for scholarship money, but every single nominee is recognized.

Just to give you an idea about how impactful this scholarship has been, over the past 11 years, the Straight “A” Scholarship has rewarded 198 students with a total of $462,000!

The AMF Scholarship Fund is for students who overcome adversity, excel academically, and fulfill a leadership role, with a large emphasis on the financial need. Unlike Straight “A,” Scholarship Fund is an application that students fill out themselves. So students, feel free to brag about how great you are! They must print it off and mail it into the office. This scholarship has eligibility restrictions such as financial need and attending a local Tri-State college or university. A full list of requirements can be found here.

Over the past 11 years, the Scholarship Fund has rewarded 35 students with an astounding total of $700,000!

Brandon Prayer’s acceptance speech gave us all a good laugh. To see the other 5 winners’ speeches, click here!

In case you don’t want to do the math… that is a grand total of $1,162,000! The Foundation has given over one million dollars to Tri-State students since it began, and why? Because these students deserve it, and you do too! This money is invaluable and can help Tri-State students achieve their dreams, so make sure you apply or nominate today!

Nominate a student for the Straight “A” Scholarship here! The deadline is February 21st!

Find out restrictions and apply for Scholarship Fund here! The deadline is April 30th!

Victoria Sabato

Straight “A” Intern


New Season, New Team

An all new intern managed blog!

With our summer interns leaving us just over a week ago, we are excited to present you with our wonderful team of fall interns. They are all eager to get to work on our Youth Leadership Seminar which will be held at Xavier University on October 9th, 2013.  Let’s get to know them:

Adam Berman

Megan B-InternThat’s me! I will be our Events Intern this fall. I study Communication and Public Relations at the University of Cincinnati and am also involved in the student organization Public Relations Student Society of America, where I do fundraising. Outdoor activities and meeting new people are just some things I enjoy.

“I am excited to intern with the Anthony Muñoz Foundation because I know how important it is to give back to the community. Being a part of an organization that strives to make an impact on its local residents is something I’ve always thought was necessary for myself.”

Becky Griesmer

Becky bio picture

Becky will be our Impact Intern. She attends Xavier University where she studies Sports Management, Business, and Communication Arts. She is involved in multiple student organizations such as the Student Activities Council and is a New Student Orientation Leader. Becky enjoys traveling and relaxing with friends and family.

“I am excited to intern with the Anthony Muñoz Foundation because I know what an impact the organization has on the Tri-State region and I am very excited to be part of helping to positively change of the lives of the area youth.”

Megan Barger

Megan Barger-Intern

Megan will be our Experience Intern. She attends the University of Cincinnati where she studies Communication and Public Relations. Megan has interned at non-profits before where she has really found her niche. She enjoys cheering on her Cincinnati Reds, as well as boating with family.

“I’m beyond excited to be a part of such an amazing organization that impacts the lives of so many students, and very eager to see what opportunities this brings aboard.”

Check out more information on us at the Meet The Interns section of our blog! You will be hearing from us a lot this fall, so stay #PluggedIn for more great things to come!

Adam Berman
Events Intern