Straight “A” Nominations Update!

Hi everyone! This is Josh, the Straight “A” intern for Spring/Summer 2016! If you haven’t already, you should visit the Meet the Interns page to learn a little bit more about me and the rest of the interns at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation! To provide you with some background knowledge, our Straight “A” Scholarship aims to recognize students in our Impact Area who embody the six “A’s,” which are: pursuing Academic excellence, Athletic achievement, an Active role in the community while possessing a strong Ambition, a winning Attitude, and the ability to overcome Adversity! The only requirements for this scholarship are that the nominee must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, must reside in our Impact Area, and to receive scholarship money they must be a high school senior.

With a little less than a month to go until the deadline to turn in Straight “A” Nominations (February 26th), we have had applications rolling in from all over our Impact Area! As of today, we have received 81 nominations, which is an increase from last year! I am amazed at how so many schools have been represented from all over our Impact Area, with dozens of schools sending in nominations for their deserving students!

I am looking forward to carrying this momentum forward as the deadline fast approaches! By the end of next month, I am hoping to have our highest nomination pool yet in the history of our Straight “A” Scholarship! Be sure to check back in for more updates!


“Where Are They Now Wednesday!”

A Look Back at Last Year’s Straight “A” Scholarship Winners!

It’s that day of the week again! This “Where Are They Now Wednesday” will take a look at 2013’s Straight “A” Scholarship winners Shannon Chambers and Rachel Hall. With only two and a half weeks left to nominate students for the Straight “A” Scholarship, some may be thinking “Is this really worth it?” Well, today I am writing to tell you “YES IT IS!”

The 2013 Straight "A" Scholarship winners: Shannon Chambers, from Aiken High School (left), and Rachel Hall, from Saint Ursula Academy (right).

The 2013 Straight “A” Scholarship winners: Shannon Chambers, from Aiken High School (left), and Rachel Hall, from Saint Ursula Academy (right).


For the past eleven years, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation has recognized deserving students for their academic excellence, athletic achievement, winning attitude, active role in the community, and overcoming adversity. This scholarship not only helps these students financially, but helps them to achieve their dreams and continue their education.


Shannon Chambers was last year’s male Straight “A” recipient. Hailing from Aiken High School, he is now a freshman Industrial Operations major at the University of Cincinnati. Shannon is not only involved academically, but also a member of many organizations on campus. Some of these clubs include NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, UBSA, United Black Student Association, Transitions, and The Sales Leadership Club. His involvements in these clubs have given Shannon invaluable insight into professional relationships, networking, and effective communication. Shannon has also maintained his friendship with Brandon Prayer, last year’s Scholarship Fund winner, who you will hear more about next “Where Are They Now Wednesday!”

Shannon wanted to give high school students some very wise advice. From the man himself he says, “When I graduated from high school, I did so with a 4.0 GPA. After my first semester here, that dramatically dropped to a 2.5. I want those who will pursue post-secondary to know that it is not the 13th grade, and it requires rigorous effort, time management, and above all, discipline.”

Rachel Hall was last year’s female Straight “A” recipient. Hailing from Saint Ursula High School, she is now a freshman at the Ohio State University, where she is a Hospitality Management major. Rachel has gotten involved with an indoor soccer league and is planning to apply for the Ohio Union Activity Board. “Becoming the Anthony Muñoz Straight A Student of the year has been a tremendous blessing for me and my family,” Rachel says. “I’m so grateful for the opportunities it has given me.”

So there you have if folks, from the winners themselves! Both of these Straight “A” Students are at the Universities of their dreams involving and challenging themselves as they continue forward with their education. Both Shannon and Rachel expressed their gratitude for not only the scholarship itself, but where that scholarship was able to take them. So wherever you are or wherever you want to be, think about how the Foundation’s Straight “A” Scholarship can help get you there!

Nominations for the Straight “A” Scholarship will continue until Friday, February 21st. So if you know any deserving students, make sure to nominate them today!

Click here to nominate a student!


Victoria Sabato

Programs Intern


A Look at How Far We’ve Come!

Over One Million Dollars… That’s Pretty Far!

Every year the Foundation searches the great Tri-State high schools for deserving students to receive our two scholarships. Both the Straight “A” Scholarship and Scholarship Fund began in 2003, and still continue to reward students today.

The Straight “A” Program rewards any high school students who display the six straight “A”s the Foundation looks for. These include pursuing Academic excellence, Athletic achievement, an Active role in the community, possessing a strong Ambition, having a winning Attitude, and being able to overcome Adversity.

The 2013 Straight "A" Scholarship winners: Shannon Chambers, from Aiken High School (left), and Rachel Hall, from Saint Ursula Academy (right).

The 2013 Straight “A” Scholarship winners: Shannon Chambers, from Aiken High School (left), and Rachel Hall, from Saint Ursula Academy (right).

Students must be nominated by a teacher, principal, counselor, coach, parent, or anyone who sees all of these wonderful qualities in that student! Only seniors are eligible for scholarship money, but every single nominee is recognized.

Just to give you an idea about how impactful this scholarship has been, over the past 11 years, the Straight “A” Scholarship has rewarded 198 students with a total of $462,000!

The AMF Scholarship Fund is for students who overcome adversity, excel academically, and fulfill a leadership role, with a large emphasis on the financial need. Unlike Straight “A,” Scholarship Fund is an application that students fill out themselves. So students, feel free to brag about how great you are! They must print it off and mail it into the office. This scholarship has eligibility restrictions such as financial need and attending a local Tri-State college or university. A full list of requirements can be found here.

Over the past 11 years, the Scholarship Fund has rewarded 35 students with an astounding total of $700,000!

Brandon Prayer’s acceptance speech gave us all a good laugh. To see the other 5 winners’ speeches, click here!

In case you don’t want to do the math… that is a grand total of $1,162,000! The Foundation has given over one million dollars to Tri-State students since it began, and why? Because these students deserve it, and you do too! This money is invaluable and can help Tri-State students achieve their dreams, so make sure you apply or nominate today!

Nominate a student for the Straight “A” Scholarship here! The deadline is February 21st!

Find out restrictions and apply for Scholarship Fund here! The deadline is April 30th!

Victoria Sabato

Straight “A” Intern

AMF Thanks Nominators and Applicants!

As we review our Scholarship Fund applications, we wanted to acknowledge all of the teachers, principals, and guidance counselors during this years Teacher Appreciation Week. For everything they do for their school and students we want to give them a big

thank you

This year, the Foundation received over 130 applicants for the Scholarship Fund, 275  nominations for the Straight “A” Scholarship, 1,200 students for our Youth Leadership Seminar and had 16 finalists for the Linemen of the Year! All of the help the teachers, guidance counselors, and principals provide is crucial to four out of eight programs the Foundation runs. (Missed my talk with inspirational teacher Angie Dee? Click here!)

2013 SA FinalistsWith all the nominations and applications we received, our search to make sure no deserving student go unnoticed would not be possible. The dedication you have towards your students shows in their drive to be great. Without our nominators we would not have been able to select this years incredible 18 Straight “A” senior finalists and six Scholarship Fund applicants. With your help the Foundation was able to give students $162,000 towards their college education.

To every student who applied, thank you for taking the time to fill out the application and more importantly, sharing your story with us. Your hard work to overcome adversity and determination to continue your education will not be overlooked!

Be sure to leave a comment below to thank your teachers and all the hard work they do!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern

Straight “A” Finalists Revealed!


Shannon Chambers and Rachel Hall!

2013 SA Winners

A main quality the Anthony Muñoz Foundation looks for when picking Straight “A” finalists is the intent or desire to overcome adversity. This year was very difficult to pick the two winners because each and every finalist was an incredible candidate with an incredible story to share. Listening to each of these kids speak was inspiring because they have already gone through so much at such a young age. What separates these 18 students from others is their ability to overcome such difficulties and not let it define them.

Below, Straight “A” winners Rachel Hall and Shannon Chambers talk about how they deal with their adversity:

“I want to remember the difficult times that I went through, not because I want to relive the pain but because I want to remember how I’ve come out stronger on the other side.” -Rachel Hall

“I have had some hardships, but they do not define me. They only strengthen me to be my best and reach my dream.” – Shannon Chambers

2013 SA Finalists

A big shout out to other 16 finalists as well! Having attended the luncheon myself and being able to hear them speak, I can say with certainty that each finalist will go on to do only great things. College is just the beginning of an incredible adventure they are about to embark.

When one door closes, another one opens. Now that the Straight “A” Scholarship has concluded, be sure to apply for our $20,000 scholarship, the Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund! The deadline is April 30th, so make sure you send in your application soon! Click here to find the application.

To see photos from the 2013 Straight “A” Luncheon courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography click here!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern

New Year. New Finalists.

Just a couple of days ago, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation Selection Committee chose the 18 senior finalists for the 2013 Straight “A” Scholarship! (Don’t worry though, there is still time to apply for our $20,000 Scholarship Fund!) This years Straight “A” Luncheon will take place April 24th at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse!


These finalists not only:

    • Pursue Academic excellence as well as Athletic achievement
    • Actively serve the community
    • Possess a strong Ambition
    • Maintain a winning Attitude
    • Have the ability to overcome Adversity

But they also inspire everyone to be their best.  Previous finalists like Jarrin Taul and Mandy Alexander set the bar pretty high, but these finalists are able to stand on their own as incredible nominees for this years’ Straight “A” Scholarship.

Girls:                                                  Guys:
DeNesha Bell:                                 Ryan Burton:
Western Hills University HS            Cincinnati Christian Schools
Dolores Clark:                                Shannon Chambers:
Dixie Heights HS                                Aiken HS
Jamie Daley:                                   Zachariah Class:
South Dearborn HS                           Bishop Brossart
Lindsay Darkins:                          Tom Cropper:
Mount Notre Dame HS                     Georgetown Jr/Sr HS
Allison Glatt:                                  Kyle Damen:
Seton HS                                             Georgetown Jr/Sr HS
Rachel Hall:                                    Jacob Havran:
St. Ursula Academy                           Bethel-Tate HS
Emily Kroger:                                 Ben Linnabary:
Ludlow HS                                          Colerain HS
Sarah LaCombe:                            Adam Steele:
Loveland HS                                       Simon Kenton HS
Cerryia Lindberg:                         Matt Toerner:
Indian Hill HS                                     Badin HS


Let’s also take a second to thank the teachers who allow this to happen. Without their help and belief in their students, the Straight “A” Scholarship would not be as meaningful as it is today.

Take a second and congratulate these incredible students in the comment section below!

Don’t Forget: Applications for the Scholarship Fund are being acepted from now until April 30th! Apply today and you can have the chance to win 20,000!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern