Service Challenge Season is Finally Here!

Last week AMF proudly kicked off the annual Service Challenge with schools around the Tri-State area!

We challenged local schools to brainstorm and submit Service Challenge Projects. Now, over the next few months, these students will plan and execute their service projects to benefit others within their community.

Does your school want to participate in the Service Challenge? Here are a few tips on how to get started:

  1. Find and focus on a need in your community. Each community has a need waiting to be met. You and your school can focus on one need and make a big impact. Bracken County High School identified hunger as a need in their community and is overcoming this need with their “Blessings for Bracken” campaign.


  1. Engage your community. Call on your classmates, friends, teachers, and families to get involved and help you make a difference! Community Christian Academy is organizing a “12 Days of Giving” to collect gifts for the Christmas party they are planning for a local foster care agency.


  1. Stay in touch with AMF! Remember to post about your project on social media using #AMFChallenge. We love seeing and sharing your school’s updates! We also know it can be difficult to start your service challenge, so please use us as a resource! You can contact with any questions you may have because we are here to help!

We’re excited to see the impact you will make through your projects!

There’s still time to register your school’s Service Challenge project for #AMFChallenge, just click here!

Do you want to stay up to date with the Service Challenge projects too? Follow #AMFChallenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily updates!

Waynesville High School “Moves Forward, Gives Back”

Have you thought to yourself lately, “Wow, I really need to do something good for someone else” or “I want to help someone this Holiday season but I don’t know how to get involved”?  Well, the Waynesville High School students who attended YLS knows just how to help you out.

Waynesville students need help getting donations of peanut butter and jelly so they teamed up with Ellis’ Hometown Marketplace.  Students will be outside of the store on Saturday, December 22nd asking shoppers to donate a jar of peanut butter and jelly to the program.  Ellis’ Hometown Marketplace is even matching the donations!

Waynesville’s service project this year is to help out the local Food-To-Go program.  Each Friday Food-To-Go gives food for students in need to take home.  The program also helps by giving out jars of peanut butter and jelly to these students once a month so they will have more food for the rest of the week.

Feel free to pass on this awesome flyer that they created for the event!

Food Drive Flyer

Stop by Ellis’ Hometown Marketplace to help out a great cause.  Way to go Waynesville, you are making such a positive impact!  We hope you get lots of donations!  You are truly living out the Seminar’s theme of “Move Forward, Give Back”.

Experience Intern

Happy Giving Tuesday!

Happy Giving Tuesday!  We promise today is a real holiday (look it up here on the internet).   Today is the first day ever that it is taking place.  How are you celebrating this year?  In honor of the holiday let’s see how some of the Service Challenge schools are making everyday Giving Tuesday.



Lebanon High School

 They will host their “Basketball for Food” game this Saturday where they will be presenting the local food pantry with the money and the food items they have been gathering this year.  So far they have raised almost $1000! Go Lebanon, we can’t wait to come see your game this Saturday!

Bracken County High School

On December 7th will host their “It Can Wait!” campaign assembly to combat distracted driving.  We are so excited to see your assembly and all your hard work Bracken!

Amelia High School

They recently collected over 4,000 non-perishable food items for their food drive.  Here’s a picture of the winning class that collected 960 cans!  Way to go Amelia, you did awesome!



Franklin High School

They are currently raising funds to help open a library at their local preschool/kindergarten center after lack of funds led to the cut of the program.  Group members will also be going to the school weekly to read to the students.  Good luck Franklin, we know you will do great!


Hamilton High School

And who can forget how great Hamilton’s Anti-Bullying campaign was last year?  Read the blog.

Give Back, Make today count.  Let us know how you are celebrating Giving Tuesday in the comments below or on Twitter.   #MFGB  #MOVE2012


AMF Experience Intern 


Hello Service Challengers,

You may be thinking, “Another blog post?  Didn’t YLS end?”  Well, YLS may be over but the Service Challenge has just begun!  It has been so exciting to read through all of your projects and see just how amazing your minds really are.  Not that I ever doubted you!

Throughout the project you will have tons of fun and cool, new experiences.   Please keep us updated with all of your pictures, videos, short stories, quotes, etc. about your projects.  We will also be doing several “Photo of the Week” posts, so send in those photos for your school to be featured.  Also, we want to come visit your school!  So if there is any possibility that we could stop by, let us know.

Just in case you were wondering what a service project looks like here is an awesome example for you.  This past Saturday, Northwest High School completed its service project with the “Spooky Stroll” a fun haunted house for elementary students.  Forty-three Northwest students teamed up with their Art Club and Senate to decorate the halls and set up fun booths and games for 4 local elementary schools.  They took donations from the families, and whichever elementary school had the highest attendance received the donations to help them fund their educational needs.  The event was fun and safe for the elementary students and their families.  Way to go Northwest High School!


I don’t know about you, but Northwest’s project makes me excited to go out and do some service. The seminar may be over, but now is the time to Move Forward, Give Back and change the world!


YLS 2012-What a Success!

The lights. The music. The speakers. The breakout sessions. The dancing cows. Whew, what a jam-packed day! YLS 2012 was definitely a success and it’s all thanks to you students and your energy and passion for changing this world for the better!

Check out our video recap:

Here’s what some of your fellow students said about the event:

“I had a great time today at the seminar, I am going to change my community one day at a time, I felt inspired. ”

“Today was a great learning experience and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. It makes me proud to see the other leaders in my community.”

“That was the most amazing, inspirational, and entertaining seminar we have ever been to!! LOVED dancing to the Bill Cosby. We are truly inspired. THANK YOU!”

“Thanks so much for the great day, truly inspiring! MOVE FORWARD. GIVE BACK. I will live by those words forever. ”

“YLS was so amazing! Great speakers and it totally inspired me to go home and make a difference! This generation will do great things, I will do great things.”

So hopefully while you were at YLS, you had the opportunity to come up with some ideas of ways to impact your community through the Service Challenge Project, and were inspired by the ideas of other students.  We will continue updating the blog a few times a week with some school’s service challenge project ideas and tips to get you going with your projects, etc. Also, if you wanna share what your school is thinking about or update us with the progress of your project, you can comment o this blog post or write on our Facebook wall!

We hope you were truly inspired, encouraged, and called to action by this year’s Youth Leadership Seminar. I love that lat quote, “This generation will do great things, I will do great things.” let that be your motto throughout life and throughout the process of planning your service Challenge Project. Move Forward. Give Back. Do great things. Change the World.



This year’s YLS theme: MOVE 2012!


Hey Guys!

Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. This week, we are focusing on the theme of YLS this year which is Move Forward, Give Back, or MOVE 2012 for short. 

What this means to us is that we should be constantly refocusing our lives to be moving forward,looking to the future. Moving forward to better things.  But with this notion of moving forward, it is essential to give back; to give of yourself and your successes to help others be able to move forward as well.  

Think of how powerful a movement (no pun intended) it could become if as the young leaders of this world are all working hand in hand to move forward, and progress toward the betterment of society and give back to benefit those less fortunate and give others some stepping stones for their future. You guys can literally change the world!

So with the theme of MOVE 2012 this year, we want all your brains to be buzzing with ways to contribute to this awesome movement! How can you help your school, your community, your country? Anything is possible when you set your mind to it, no matter what obstacles stand in your way!

Stay tuned for Kenna’s Service Challenge Friday’s Post and remember:

#MOVE2012 #MFGB #countdown2YLS


Impact Intern

T.G.I.S.C.F (Thank God it’s Service Challenge Friday)


It’s Service Challenge Friday!  This year’s YLS theme is Move Forward, Give Back.  Intern Shelby will post more about the theme in a later blog.  However, what better way to start living out this theme then to participate in the Service Challenge?!  The service challenge is a program developed for you to get out there and help better your school or community in your own way, based on your needs.  We want you to participate because we know just how awesome your ideas are.

All you have to do to participate in the Service Challenge is create an idea for service in your school or community, sign up with the program, execute your plan, and update us about your progress. And did we mention that the top winning ideas get monetary prizes to help fund their program (and who doesn’t love prizes)? 


So what are you waiting for?  Start brainstorming ideas now to bring to this year’s Youth Leadership Seminar.  Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about the Service Challenge or checkout our website and get inspired to make a change for the better.  Make sure to read next Friday’s blog where we will do a spotlight on Hamilton High School, who did an amazing job on their Service Challenge.

Comment below about the Service Challenge and let us know how you are getting ready for the big day!

Don’t forget to use the hashtags!   #MOVE2012 #MFGB #countdown2YLS