2019 Straight “A” Luncheon, a true inspiration

SA Group

On Tuesday, April 16th the Foundation hosted the Annual Straight “A” Luncheon at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. With support from the Harold C. Schott Foundation, all 18 of our Tri-State senior finalists went home with $2,000 scholarships to help further their education.

At the luncheon, all our finalists courageously shared their stories of adversity, and it was clear that in no way have they let those adversities stop them from achieving incredible things. We are honored to now be a small part of their story.

Meet our incredible finalists!


All these finalists fulfill the Foundation’s redefined meaning of Straight “A”s. Our finalists are pursuing Academic excellence, Athletic Achievement, are Actively serving in the community while possessing a strong Ambition, a winning Attitude and the ability to overcome Adversity.

SA Winners


From the 18, Anthony selected an overall male and female winner. With such amazing students, this year was no easy choice! The overall Straight “A” Students of 2019 were Jasmine Asberry from Butler Tech and Colerain High School and Hunter Fletcher from Little Miami High School. Both finalists received an additional $3,000 scholarship, for a total of $5,000.


Jasmine speakingJasmine is a student at Colerain High School where she has been involved in athletics and activities such as cheerleading, dance, Key Club, RISE and Honor Society all while maintaining a 3.95 GPA. Jasmine is also currently attending Butler Tech where she will become a State Tested Nursing Assistant. Jasmine will attend the University of Cincinnati in the fall to become a Registered Nurse.


Hunter speaking

At Little Miami High School, Hunter is a member of the football, track & field and wrestling teams with a 3.5 GPA his senior year. He has received the Tom Potter National Courage Award and the Freshman MVP Award from the National Football Foundation. Hunter also has a passion for serving his community and volunteers with the youth football league and other community events like “Bray Bowl” and Little Miami Bandfest. Hunter plans to attend Wittenberg University to study Criminology in the fall.

Check out all of our finalist’s inspiring and moving stories here.

We want to thank our selection committee, sponsors and partners for making this event possible. It has been an amazing process awarding these deserving students and we can’t wait to follow their future successes!

If you’re still looking for a scholarship, make sure to check our our $20,000 Scholarship Fund. The deadline is May 1st, so check it out, right now! Click here for more information and an application. 

Coming up, we have more information about our Scholarship Fund so make sure to stay tuned!



How Can $20,000 Positively Impact Your Life? Ask Alma!


The Scholarship Fund awards up to six high school seniors $20,000 towards their college education! This week, previous Scholarship Fund winner Alma Oñate will be guest blogging about her experience with the Foundation and how winning the Scholarship fund has affected her life so far! Lets see what she has to say:

“Experience with the Foundation”
“Winning the scholarship made such a positive impact, not only for my pocket, but also in my college experience overall.  It sounds like an exaggeration, but my life would be very different withouAlma Oñatet this scholarship. Although the process of applying and being interviewed can be daunting, there was never a moment during the process in which I felt intimidated.  Everyone I came in contact with during the process made me feel welcome and comfortable.  If I had to go through this process again, I would not hesitate one moment and I do not think anybody else should either. 

“Effect of the Scholarship”
The finances that this scholarship provided for me made college a possibility and it also allowed me to cover the costs of tuition, but most importantly it allowed me to concentrate fully on my academic work.  Furthermore, this scholarship allowed me to actually enjoy school.  Instead of having to take a full time job, I am able to participate in different activities and clubs that my school has to offer such as breast cancer research, Presidential Ambassadors, and the Honors program all of which have enriched my college experience.  

Alma Onate

“Why You Should Apply”
This is a wonderful opportunity not only to obtain funding for the most important investment that a person can make—education, but also an opportunity to obtain the best college experien
ce you can get by taking the mind away from the financial burdens and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the college experience—which is as important as the academic part.  I urge anyone who qualifies to apply for this scholarship—it could make the difference between a mediocre job and your dreams come true.” ~ Alma 

April 30th is a little more than two weeks  away Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to continue your education at one of the great schools in the Tri-State area!

Click here to find the application!

Mike Rizio
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Tips for Finding a Scholarship

Looking for the right scholarship to apply for can be very difficult. College is getting more expensive which means more people are applying for scholarships.


The Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund offers $20,000 to up to six high school seniors in the Greater Cincinnati area. Previous winners have used different routes to find scholarships such as the Scholarship Fund. In a recent article, Edudemic featured tips on how to find a scholarship. These tips include:

  1. School Districts: Make sure to visit your schools district’s website because sometimes they list scholarships that your high schools don’t. (Information about the Scholarship Fund has been sent to your local high school! Ask someone about it today!)
  2. University Scholarships: Colleges usually have incoming freshmen scholarships, as well as upperclassmen opportunities. (AMF has also sent Scholarship Fund information to your college if they are on our eligible school list…have you seen it?)
  3. Community Foundations: (Like the Anthony Muñoz Foundation!)

When I was applying to college way back when, finding scholarships to apply for took a lot of effort. However, I learned a lot along the way. Some of my tips for finding a scholarship include:

  1. Take Advantage of the Resources Around You: While your high school might not list every scholarship opportunity, they have a lot of knowledge on how to find different scholarship opportunities. Your teachers and guidance counselor’s are there to see you succeed, take advantage of what they have to offer.
  2. Stay Optimistic: You may not receive every scholarship you apply for, but stay positive and keep applying. There are plenty of scholarships out there, for all students.
  3. Get A Lot of Eyes on Your Essay: You can never have enough people double check your essay to make sure there are no typo’s or any spelling errors. It’s basic editing, but if you make a small mistake you could be discrediting yourself.

While finding a scholarship can be difficult to find, locating the Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund is incredibly easy. Click here to find the application!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern

To find the complete list of tips from edudemic click here!
To see where I found the picture above click here!

New Year. New Finalists.

Just a couple of days ago, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation Selection Committee chose the 18 senior finalists for the 2013 Straight “A” Scholarship! (Don’t worry though, there is still time to apply for our $20,000 Scholarship Fund!) This years Straight “A” Luncheon will take place April 24th at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse!


These finalists not only:

    • Pursue Academic excellence as well as Athletic achievement
    • Actively serve the community
    • Possess a strong Ambition
    • Maintain a winning Attitude
    • Have the ability to overcome Adversity

But they also inspire everyone to be their best.  Previous finalists like Jarrin Taul and Mandy Alexander set the bar pretty high, but these finalists are able to stand on their own as incredible nominees for this years’ Straight “A” Scholarship.

Girls:                                                  Guys:
DeNesha Bell:                                 Ryan Burton:
Western Hills University HS            Cincinnati Christian Schools
Dolores Clark:                                Shannon Chambers:
Dixie Heights HS                                Aiken HS
Jamie Daley:                                   Zachariah Class:
South Dearborn HS                           Bishop Brossart
Lindsay Darkins:                          Tom Cropper:
Mount Notre Dame HS                     Georgetown Jr/Sr HS
Allison Glatt:                                  Kyle Damen:
Seton HS                                             Georgetown Jr/Sr HS
Rachel Hall:                                    Jacob Havran:
St. Ursula Academy                           Bethel-Tate HS
Emily Kroger:                                 Ben Linnabary:
Ludlow HS                                          Colerain HS
Sarah LaCombe:                            Adam Steele:
Loveland HS                                       Simon Kenton HS
Cerryia Lindberg:                         Matt Toerner:
Indian Hill HS                                     Badin HS


Let’s also take a second to thank the teachers who allow this to happen. Without their help and belief in their students, the Straight “A” Scholarship would not be as meaningful as it is today.

Take a second and congratulate these incredible students in the comment section below!

Don’t Forget: Applications for the Scholarship Fund are being acepted from now until April 30th! Apply today and you can have the chance to win 20,000!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern

How To: Be The Leader You Were Born To Be

Our Scholarship Fund Winners Are All:


Along with the desire to overcome adversity and having financial need, students that have been awarded the Scholarship Fund have fulfilled a leadership role in their community. Erik Zamudio created his own non-profit focused on feeding indigent workers and Alma Oñate, our 2012 Scholarship Fund recipient, is planning on going to medical school to help kids as a Pediatric doctor.

There are many ways to fulfill a leadership role in your community. I recently talked to Anthony Muñoz and he gave me a little insight on what he thinks it takes to be a good community leader and some ways to fulfill a leadership role in your community. He said:

“Putting other people first and making sure you are helping others is very important. In general, it’s a matter of taking who you are 2012 IFE Camp 125leading from point A to point B and it’s about them being successful and it is not about yourself. When fulfilling a leadership role in your community it’s about balance. Get involved in as many activities as possible. It’s not a matter of overdoing it but just making sure that what you get involved in, you can offer your gifts and talents and be a contributor more than just someone who is there to be there.”

In order to be a great community leader, along with taking the advice that Anthony suggested you can also be a community leader by following these tasks I found from Community Toolbox!

  1. Dream Big: Think far ahead of what you want to accomplish so you have something to motivate you.
  2. Set Goals: You dreamed big. Now make sure your vision has more of a sharper image. It’s good to set short-term and long term goals so can accomplish you dream more smoothly.
  3. Think about the group as a whole: Don’t lose sight of what you wanted to accomplish in the first place. Make sure the group is satisfied with the direction you are leading them. The group will be stronger if you are able to work in sync.
  4. Recruit and teach others: A community won’t improve with just one leader. Teach others what you have learned along the way so you can help them reach their goals and they can help you accomplish yours.

If you have fulfilled a leadership role in the community or know somebody that has, take the time and apply for the Scholarship Fund. Applying can give you opportunity to learn from one of today’s great community leaders, Anthony Muñoz.

Comment below and let us know what you think it takes to be a great community leader!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern

To find the complete list of how to be a community leader click here!
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