Students look to make a lasting impact

Over time, projects develop, service plans are altered, and new ideas are formed for the Service Challenge Projects. By getting “Plugged In” at the 2013 Youth Leadership Seminar, many students decided that it was time for them to “stand up” and make a difference in their community. The second annual “Giving Tuesday” is on December 3, 2013, and with the holiday season quickly approaching, we are very proud that our students give back throughout the entire year and not just during the “giving season.” 

Turpin High School was inspired to create 9-1-1 for Fun, where their seniors played a basketball game against local members of the Fire and Police units. Following the game, there were sandwiches 

BaBNH-8CQAAeH5f (2)provided by Chick-fil-A, and a chance for students and community members to hear stories from members of each unit and to give thanks for all of their hard work. This was AMF’s second school visit on November 26th and we could not be more inspired by the students at Turpin who came out to support such a great cause.

In 2012, Anderson High School also hosted a basketball game to raise money and awareness for Pelizaeus-Merzbacker Disease, a rare, degenerative central nervous system disorder in which coordination, motor abilities, and intellectual function deteriorates. Anderson is sticking with the sports theme and decided that their project for this year will be a community dodgeball event to raise community spirits and to provide funds for Mitch’s Mission, a non-profit organization that gives scholarships to send children with cancer to summer camp.

Norwood High School also continued with a similar theme from their project idea from last year, through supporting the children in the community by planning to host a science-outreach event for the elementary students of their school district. This project is an extension of their 2012 project where they focused on cleaning up and planting flowers along Mill Creek, as part of the restoration project.

_MG_6054Oyler High School focused on making their community better in 2012 through their efforts to sell calendars to raise money to adopt two families for the Christmas season. They took family portraits and presented these photos at a community dinner. This year, Oyler has decided to focus their efforts inward and hold an anti-bullying/violence week to help stop this issue within the walls of the high school.

Our Service Challenge Winner last year was Bracken County High School with their “It Can Wait!” campaign to discourage students from distracted driving.  They reached over 1500 students with the campaign’s events and the weeklong activities included themed IMG_3446days to focus on different types of distracted driving, a real car that had been involved in a distracted driving accident resulting in a fatality, and texting while driving simulators.  Bracken continued their desire to make a difference and have developed their new project for 2013 of “Spread the word to End the Word” (to eliminate the word retard), which will take place December 9th-13th. Bracken will be partnering with Pine Ridge Pine Village Homes for much of the week to bring mentally and physically challenged individuals and their workers to do a presentation for the students. There will be stations that are set up in the gym to simulate handicaps, such as being blindfolded, wheel chair obstacle course, ear muffs for deafness, etc. Finally, there will be a pledge table set up for students to sign up that they can “End the Word.”

Whether a school has developed a new idea for their Service Challenge or found ways to expand past projects, as long as students are getting “Plugged In” to their community, the world will continue to be touched by inspirational students looking to make a lasting impact.

Becky Griesmer
Impact Intern

It’s Almost Time To Get “Plugged In”

Wow That Was Fast. YLS Is Right Around The Corner.

Can you believe YLS is only 1 day away?! We have been preparing around the clock here at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation to put together yet another successful installment of our annual Youth Leadership Seminar. We hope you are as excited as we are because #PluggedIn2013 is going to be awesome! This week’s blog will give you some tips to get you prepared for YLS.

We want everyone to be “Plugged In!”

  • Start by following us on Twitter and Facebook where we will
  • Bring your smartphones and devices to the event. We will host Twitter and Instagram contests with some pretty cool prizes!
  • Make sure your devices are fully charged because you will be very interactive! There will be a chance to text questions to our speakers!
  • Check out Megan’s Service Challenge Blog so you can begin brainstorming ideas for your school. We have an amazing prize for our 1st place school this year!
  • Bring a positive attitude and don’t worry about lunch (Chick-fil-A has you covered)

Do you feel ready for YLS? Feel free to ask us any questions you may have and we will be glad to answer them.

Adam Berman
Events Intern

YLS Speakers Revealed!

The Much Anticipated Moment…

While we have kept you waiting, we are now ready to reveal some of our speakers that will help you get #Plugged In! We are excited to have two great community leaders; John Herman and Ben Crawford, from Epipheo, speak at the 12th Annual YLS!

Epipheo is a digital storytelling firm headquartered in Cincinnati. Epipheo created a new industry in 2009 by producing animated explanatory web videos for startups and large brands like Google, Facebook and Amazon.  They help their clients discover the true human value in what they do and use storytelling as the primary means to communicate that value.  Their equation is simple. Epiphany + Video = Epipheo. John and Ben understand the importance of being “Plugged In” to the right sources and believe in sharing words that can change lives. By creating videos in a fun and relatable way, Epipheo allows people to utilize powerful ideas and products. We think they put it best, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Everyone has ideas and Epipheo helps those ideas come to life. Check out how they make this happen!

John was born and raised in the Greater Cincinnati area and received his business degree from the College of Mount St. Joseph in Delhi.  When John’s not working at Epipheo’s secret lair in downtown Cincy, he can be found driving around on his old, red tractor at his homestead in Burlington, KY and spending quality time with his wife, Renee, and four young children.

Ben is an author, entrepreneur, owner, adventurer, father, and husband. In his pursuit for freedom he loves challenging the status quo and does not stop short in pursuing how the deepest truths impact our everyday lives. He has been featured on the front page of CNN, the NY Times, NPR’s “This American Life”, and been the subject of a full length documentary.

Together, they use their epipheos to share impactful messages that can make a difference in people’s lives. By sharing valuable sources of information with their communities, they give us all an opportunity to “Plug In.”

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, where we will reveal another speaker later on this week!

Adam Berman
Events Intern

Colleges Get Tech-nical

All Aboard the Technology Train!

YLS students, if you’re getting ready to go to college next year, or even within the next 5 years, here is something you will want to know. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, the modern college student is learning in an entirely different way than their parents, or even their brothers and sisters did. It is essential that you keep up with the technological trends that many universities and college students are heading toward. Students are ditching the backpacks full of pens, heavy textbooks, and multiple notebooks and are literally “gearing-up”, with the latest from products from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and tech giants alike.

It is not uncommon to see the majority of students in a college classroom taking notes on their iPads or using e-readers as a substitute for their textbooks.  Everyone knows that college students are obsessed with the latest trends in technology, especially when it comes to the newest smart phone. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly common that as they indulge in communication with their handheld devices, they are downloading apps that can actually be geared toward their studies and school activities. Technology that enhances your ability to learn is what being “Plugged In” is all about!

College students are currently paving the way as the tech savvy and gadget using leaders of tomorrow. Tech leaders in Silicon Valley are designing and releasing products based on their largest consumer, college students.  As parents may reminisce about times that they used a typewriter to complete a 20-page English paper or had to go to the school library to comb through an array of textbooks to study for an exam, those realities are just not the same for students who prepare to enter 4-year or even some 2-year colleges and universities today.

As some may argue there is too high of a dependency for college students to rely on their favorite technology devices, something has to be working if the trend is not slowing down. Presta released an interesting infographic recently that gives us a clear idea of just how much of an impact technology has had on the average college student currently attending school. While a few of the statistics may be somewhat surprising, we should all be aware that we’ve been heading in this direction for quite some time. Does any of this surprise you? What are you most “Plugged In” to? Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones?


Adam Berman
Events Intern


It’s Time To Get Plugged In!

leader technology

Technology is Leading The Way

We hope everyone is having a great start to the new school year. Although summer has officially come and gone, there is reason to be excited. The Anthony Muñoz Foundation is gearing up for our annual Youth Leadership Seminar!

As Megan briefly hinted at in our last post, the theme of this year’s Youth Leadership Seminar is Plugged In. Now you might wonder what this really means, so let me explain.

First, we will get you pumped up with a concert featuring the wonderful sounds of KJ-52! This is sure to get you going!

Following his performance, we will hear from our guest speakers who will help explore how leaders are using technology to empower others and give back to their communities. We’ll be encouraging students not to unplug, but to get plugged in to the right sources. We’re talking about stepping-up and getting involved in your school, community, and city. Involvement in valuable organizations and activities can expand your ability to lead others. A great leader in the technological world, Bill Gates, once said, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

Technological advancements have really launched off over the past few years and there is no sign of them slowing down in the next few. As technology changes at a rapid pace, we must remain #PluggedIn to stay ahead of the curve as we strive to be among the other leaders of the world. Take a look at how social media is leading the way in higher education and why it is so important that, as a young leader, you are keeping up with society.

Also, don’t forget to check out our website to register today and keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook as we update you and reveal this year’s speakers for YLS 2013!

Adam Berman

Events Intern

Thanks to CatchFireMedia for the great video.

Youth Leadership Seminar 2013

Be a Leader. Get involved.

Have you ever thought about how being a leader in your community can effect your college future? According to StudyPoints, leadership in your community is a big deal when it comes to filling out college applications. StudyPoints mentions that good grades and test scores are not always enough, being able to see previous involvement on your application is what catches the eye of others.

There are so many great benefits of being a leader and joining community organization, clubs, and athletic programs. Not only does it help your college application but giving back to your community makes you feel good about yourself, helping you build self-esteem. Remember, being a leader doesn’t always mean you have to follow the same path as everyone else. Listen to John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”

So how does this relate to the Anthony Muñoz Foundation? Well, since school is finally back in session we want to help you start the school year out right! We have a way for you to get PluggedIn and be a leader not just in your school, but in your community and city as well. This year the Anthony Muñoz Foundation will have a leadership event you may be interested in being a part of.

  • WHAT: 12th annual Youth Leadership Seminar
  • WHEN: Wednesday, October 9, 2013
  • WHERE: Xavier University’s Cintas Center

This is an event you’ll want to mark on your calenders. The Youth Leadership Seminar is a day of leadership development and discussions on how to give back to your community. The event will consist of motivational speakers, live music, break sessions, and free giveaways. You can find more information about YLS and how to register here on our website. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook  and Twitter  and keep up with #Pluggedin2013!

Megan Barger

Experience Intern