YLS 2018 – Photo Recap

On Oct. 17, we welcomed over 1,000 high school students (from 80+ schools) to our 2018 Youth Leadership Seminar.

Our theme was all about being EMPOWERED. Students heard from six local speakers and participated in activities that focused on understanding themselves as leaders and how to then apply what they learned at the event in their schools and community.

Rather than just tell you everything that we did, we wanted to show you what our students experienced!



Anthony speaking to students.

Our six local speakers shared their stories and wisdom with our students, each with their own lessons on what it means to be EMPOWERED.

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Students worked with students from other schools in the breakout sessions to brainstorm ideas and share similarities and differences in their communities. This is when they were introduced to the AMF Service Challenge. In the challenge, schools are asked to develop project ideas that address needs in a community, whether local or international.

Some schools at the event already have potential ideas for their school projects.

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We will keep you updated as schools progress through the service challenge projects they decide to take on.

You can check out more photos from the event and learn more about what students took away from the event checking out the hashtag #EmpoweredCincy18 on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thanks for checking in this week, we are already planning for next year’s YLS, we’re that excited about it!





Events Intern


It’s Time to Nominate Linemen of the Year

High school football season may be coming to an end, but it’s time to nominate the best players for the Anthony Muñoz Foundation’s Annual Linemen of the Year Awards!

This award recognizes 16 of the best linemen from Ohio Divisions 1-6, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. High school freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior offensive and defensive linemen are eligible for nomination. Along with their performance on the field, candidates should also display a level of academic success and community involvement.

2017 Group

Anthony with the 2017 Linemen of the Year Award recipients.

Anthony Muñoz and the Foundation’s selection committee will choose two student-athletes from the sixteen finalists to be recognized as Overall Offensive and Defensive Linemen of the Year at the National Football Foundation Student-Athlete Banquet.


2017 Overall Offensive Lineman of the Year Joshua Myers from Miamisburg High School.


2017 Overall Defensive Lineman of the Year Jerron Cage from Winton Woods High School.

The committee will also choose a student-athlete to recognize with the “In the Trenches” Leadership Award. This player is a role model on and off the field as he performs on the team, in the classroom and within the community.


2017 “In the Trenches” recipient Matt Sichterman from Kings High School.

Over the last 15 years, Anthony Munoz Foundation has recognized 240 of the best linemen from high schools around the Tri-State region. Many of these players have continued their football careers at colleges such as University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, University of Notre Dame and University of Kentucky (just to name a few).

Do you have one of the best linemen in the Tri-State at your school? Click here to nominate them November 6th until December 11th.

Are You Sparked For Now Trending?

We are still buzzing about the success of last year’s Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS)! Spark exceeded expectations with 100 schools and over 1,300 students in attendance.  But we know this year will be even better (you can relive all of the excitement from last year below)!

This year’s speakers will discuss how leaders break trends, follow their own trends and how a trending idea can help form and empower a community.  Our desire is that students will leave encouraged and empowered to define their leadership skills and make a difference in our Tri-State communities.

YLS 2015 will feature:

  • 5-7 Powerful Speakers From Our Very Own Tri-State Area
  • A Delicious Lunch From Chick-fil-A
  • Jamming with KJ-52
  • Break Out Session for Service Challenge Projects

We want this year’s YLS to be bigger and better than ever! So far these schools have registered:

Amelia Batavia Cincinnati Country Day Colerain(2)

If your school is not on the list there is still time to sign up for YLS on our website and help redefine Now Trending!

Kristin Shaffer
Experience Intern

What It’s Like From the Other Side

Transformation from a high school student at Youth Leadership Seminar to an Anthony Muñoz Foundation intern

Rewind back to 2009, when Sean Witzgall was a student at Harrison High School. Sean was lucky enough to attend the Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) themed “G.E.T. M.A.D. Get Everyone To Make A Difference.” Well, after that seminar, he got so “mad” that he ended up becoming a great leader and role model for others. Fast forward to now, 2014, he is an intern at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation! Of course we wanted to know more, so we asked him a few questions:


1.What about YLS do you remember most?

   At YLS, there was a speaker named Matthew Kelly. He talked about making the best version of yourself and gave everyone a free book, which I still read to this day.

2. In 2009, the YLS theme was “G.E.T. M.A.D.- Get Everyone To Make A Difference” What did you “G.E.T. M.A.D.” about?

I got “M.A.D.” about applying my leadership skills in high school. I started an organized student section called “The Den.” The Den is a group that got more students to come to sporting events and had organized themes and cheers. It brought the spirit of the school together.

3. How does it feel to intern at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation, especially since you attended YLS in 2009?

It’s pretty cool to have the connection. Now I am on the other side, and I can make a difference for these kids now.

4. This upcoming YLS’s theme is “Spark”. So what about the Anthony Muñoz Foundation sparks you?

At the Anthony Muñoz Foundation, it is always a positive environment, and creates a good place to make connections.

5. What would you tell others about YLS?

The impact that the seminar made can make you realize the importance of leadership. YLS hit home for me.

Sean Get Mad pic

6. How has your life changed since “G.E.T. M.A.D.?”

I became more of a leader, I take on greater challenges and pursue leadership. I changed my major to Organizational Leadership which I will be graduating with in December from Northern Kentucky University.

Without a doubt, Sean has gone on to become a leader in his community and high school. His experience led him on to having an enjoyable college experience and has allowed him to grow even more! Seeing how Sean has used his “Spark” to become a leader, we couldn’t be more excited to see all the leaders create their own spark at YLS this year! #SparkCincy



Sean is in the last row, 4th from the left.

Kristen Ludwig
Programs Intern


Service Challenge Tour 2013

Ready for our AMF Team to visit your school?

YLS is over and Service Challenge projects have begun! I just finished reading over all the submitted projects that we received at the Seminar and you all have developed great ideas. Now it’s time to take the next step and see your service project in action!

Not only are you getting the chance to make an ever-lasting impact in your community by helping others that are in need of help, but you will also have the opportunity to be a part of our Service Challenge Tour! Want to know how? We here at AMF look over all the projects and then pick 5-10 schools we want to go visit this November thru March. During the Service Challenge Tour our Staff will take pictures and videos of the progress/outcome of your project. In addition, we will be accompanied by a special guests such as Anthony Muñoz, Speakers from YLS, or friends of AMF. Make sure your project stands out and makes an impact because if so, we will be seeing you this school year!


Remember, while working on your Service Challenge projects we will be looking for schools that were able to make a lasting impact, have the most percentage of student participation, and are most creative. Now, let’s take this chance to get “Plugged In” to the community and make a difference. We are excited to see your projects!

If you are making a difference in your community comment below and let us know! We want to hear your stories and be able to share your experiences with others.

Megan Barger
Experience Intern

Final thoughts on YLS 2013

Thank you again to all of you for getting “Plugged In” last Wednesday!

Our October 9th Youth Leadership Seminar was a huge success and we could not have done it without all of you! It was record breaking attendance and #PluggedIn2013 was trending throughout the day in Cincinnati!

groupStudents spent the day at Xavier University learning about how they can make an impact in their communities. By getting “Plugged In” at the seminar, students had a chance to hear speakers such as Nick Jackson, a motivational speaker, April Kerley, a paralympian, and John Herman and Ben Crawford, who were from Epipheo. Participants were able to learn valuable skills through the planning of their Service Project, meeting new leaders from the Tri-State area, and by engaging in their communities and realizing what needs to change to make the world a better place. Here are some things that students shared with us about their experience:

lunch“My favorite part of the Youth Leadership Seminar was having all the guest speakers tell us how we can improve our lifestyle and help others along the way. I really like the idea of your life being a “story” and it is your job to make it exciting!”

“I was able to take away from this event the spirit of “I can.” I can make a change even if I’m one person. I can unite a community and make a difference.”

“Even if you change one life, that’s still a big deal.”

cowCheck out our recap video and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see pictures of the event, and be sure to tag your friends! Stay tuned to learn more about our Service Challenge tour, where members of our office will actually visit schools to see the projects firsthand. Continue to visit our blog to learn more about how you can stay “Plugged In” this year and make an impact in your community. 

Becky Griesmer
Impact Intern

YLS Speakers Revealed!

The Much Anticipated Moment…

While we have kept you waiting, we are now ready to reveal some of our speakers that will help you get #Plugged In! We are excited to have two great community leaders; John Herman and Ben Crawford, from Epipheo, speak at the 12th Annual YLS!

Epipheo is a digital storytelling firm headquartered in Cincinnati. Epipheo created a new industry in 2009 by producing animated explanatory web videos for startups and large brands like Google, Facebook and Amazon.  They help their clients discover the true human value in what they do and use storytelling as the primary means to communicate that value.  Their equation is simple. Epiphany + Video = Epipheo. John and Ben understand the importance of being “Plugged In” to the right sources and believe in sharing words that can change lives. By creating videos in a fun and relatable way, Epipheo allows people to utilize powerful ideas and products. We think they put it best, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Everyone has ideas and Epipheo helps those ideas come to life. Check out how they make this happen!

John was born and raised in the Greater Cincinnati area and received his business degree from the College of Mount St. Joseph in Delhi.  When John’s not working at Epipheo’s secret lair in downtown Cincy, he can be found driving around on his old, red tractor at his homestead in Burlington, KY and spending quality time with his wife, Renee, and four young children.

Ben is an author, entrepreneur, owner, adventurer, father, and husband. In his pursuit for freedom he loves challenging the status quo and does not stop short in pursuing how the deepest truths impact our everyday lives. He has been featured on the front page of CNN, the NY Times, NPR’s “This American Life”, and been the subject of a full length documentary.

Together, they use their epipheos to share impactful messages that can make a difference in people’s lives. By sharing valuable sources of information with their communities, they give us all an opportunity to “Plug In.”

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, where we will reveal another speaker later on this week!

Adam Berman
Events Intern