Five Fun Facts About Our Whiz Kids!

This week is an exciting time at AMF: it’s the beginning of Whiz Kids! Here are five things you may not know about our Whiz Kids tutoring program.

  1. City Gospel Mission began Whiz Kids to provide at-risk students tutoring and mentoring around the city. 2017 marks the 8th year Anthony Munoz Foundation has been a site host at Robert Paideia Academy in Price Hill!


2. Each year 20 Kindergarten through 5th Grade students have the opportunity to be matched with a tutor from AMF. These pairs meet every Wednesday after school for one hour of tutoring. They practice reading skills while building a relationship with their tutor.


3. At the end of each session, Whiz Kids get to participate in a group activity. This can be an art project like creating shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day or even playing a fun game like “Over the Mountain” where students and tutors get to know each other better.


4. In the last 3 years, 13 students have completed and aged-out of the Whiz Kids curriculum! They have moved on to the Whiz Kids extension program—City Gospel Mission’s Unplugged where they focus more on everyday enrichment, academics, and life-skills. These students also have the opportunity to learn more about spirituality. Fun fact: these students come from 7 different families!


5. Want to be a tutor? You must be at least 16 years old! Most of our volunteer tutors do not have previous tutoring experience but training is provided by The Foundation and City Gospel Mission before Whiz Kids begins. There is still time for you to register to be a tutor for the 2017-2018 school year! Click here to learn more about registering to be a Whiz Kid tutor!


What It’s Like From the Other Side

Transformation from a high school student at Youth Leadership Seminar to an Anthony Muñoz Foundation intern

Rewind back to 2009, when Sean Witzgall was a student at Harrison High School. Sean was lucky enough to attend the Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) themed “G.E.T. M.A.D. Get Everyone To Make A Difference.” Well, after that seminar, he got so “mad” that he ended up becoming a great leader and role model for others. Fast forward to now, 2014, he is an intern at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation! Of course we wanted to know more, so we asked him a few questions:


1.What about YLS do you remember most?

   At YLS, there was a speaker named Matthew Kelly. He talked about making the best version of yourself and gave everyone a free book, which I still read to this day.

2. In 2009, the YLS theme was “G.E.T. M.A.D.- Get Everyone To Make A Difference” What did you “G.E.T. M.A.D.” about?

I got “M.A.D.” about applying my leadership skills in high school. I started an organized student section called “The Den.” The Den is a group that got more students to come to sporting events and had organized themes and cheers. It brought the spirit of the school together.

3. How does it feel to intern at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation, especially since you attended YLS in 2009?

It’s pretty cool to have the connection. Now I am on the other side, and I can make a difference for these kids now.

4. This upcoming YLS’s theme is “Spark”. So what about the Anthony Muñoz Foundation sparks you?

At the Anthony Muñoz Foundation, it is always a positive environment, and creates a good place to make connections.

5. What would you tell others about YLS?

The impact that the seminar made can make you realize the importance of leadership. YLS hit home for me.

Sean Get Mad pic

6. How has your life changed since “G.E.T. M.A.D.?”

I became more of a leader, I take on greater challenges and pursue leadership. I changed my major to Organizational Leadership which I will be graduating with in December from Northern Kentucky University.

Without a doubt, Sean has gone on to become a leader in his community and high school. His experience led him on to having an enjoyable college experience and has allowed him to grow even more! Seeing how Sean has used his “Spark” to become a leader, we couldn’t be more excited to see all the leaders create their own spark at YLS this year! #SparkCincy



Sean is in the last row, 4th from the left.

Kristen Ludwig
Programs Intern


What’s new with the “Whiz Kids”?

       Whiz Kid Wednesdays

       Every Wednesday throughout the school year, AMF Staff, friends of the foundation and volunteers gather at Roberts Paideia Academy in the heart of Price Hill to tutor 27 young students ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Whiz Kids, a literacy-focused, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring program founded by City Gospel Mission, provides tutors for over 1,250 at-risk students in 64 different schools throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area. Because of the tremendous impact it offers, the average Whiz Kid student advances 3 reading levels each school year; a huge accomplishment for many of our students who live in non-English speaking households and consider English their second language. Countless churches, charities and organizations adopt a public elementary school in the area, and work closely with teachers and administrators to identify and select students who could benefit most from the program and create helpful activities and curriculum. Many tutors have been involved for years, developing positive friendships with their student in hopes of improving their academic performance, reading skills and instilling personal and academic confidence in them. Many of these young, impressionable children come to form very close and meaningful bonds with their tutors, confiding in them and looking to them as a positive role model and example.

When the dismissal bell rings just before 4 p.m., 27 tutors wait anxiously as the stampede of excited students race down the hallway beaming with smiles from ear to ear eager to learn, read and spend time with their tutor. Depending on where the week falls, AMF includes cultural and holiday themes from Christmas gift bags in December, Valentine’s Day cupcakes, goodie bags and crafts in February, a St. Patrick’s Day Party in March, and Easter Egg Hunt in April! This program not only impacts the students who achieve monumental improvements, but the adults granted the opportunity to share in the joy and accomplishments of these passionate children. Each week, as we pack up and head home, we are grateful that it is in fact we who learn so much about life through the courage and work ethic of these young, eager minds and are continually moved by the enthusiasm of this inspiring group of students.





YLS 2012-What a Success!

The lights. The music. The speakers. The breakout sessions. The dancing cows. Whew, what a jam-packed day! YLS 2012 was definitely a success and it’s all thanks to you students and your energy and passion for changing this world for the better!

Check out our video recap:

Here’s what some of your fellow students said about the event:

“I had a great time today at the seminar, I am going to change my community one day at a time, I felt inspired. ”

“Today was a great learning experience and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. It makes me proud to see the other leaders in my community.”

“That was the most amazing, inspirational, and entertaining seminar we have ever been to!! LOVED dancing to the Bill Cosby. We are truly inspired. THANK YOU!”

“Thanks so much for the great day, truly inspiring! MOVE FORWARD. GIVE BACK. I will live by those words forever. ”

“YLS was so amazing! Great speakers and it totally inspired me to go home and make a difference! This generation will do great things, I will do great things.”

So hopefully while you were at YLS, you had the opportunity to come up with some ideas of ways to impact your community through the Service Challenge Project, and were inspired by the ideas of other students.  We will continue updating the blog a few times a week with some school’s service challenge project ideas and tips to get you going with your projects, etc. Also, if you wanna share what your school is thinking about or update us with the progress of your project, you can comment o this blog post or write on our Facebook wall!

We hope you were truly inspired, encouraged, and called to action by this year’s Youth Leadership Seminar. I love that lat quote, “This generation will do great things, I will do great things.” let that be your motto throughout life and throughout the process of planning your service Challenge Project. Move Forward. Give Back. Do great things. Change the World.