The Whiz Kids are Back!

Gee-whiz, these kids are great! Today, I’m going to talk to you about one of our favorite programs here at AMF – Whiz Kids.

Whiz Kids is a program that was started by City Gospel Mission, to provide at-risk students in the area with tutoring and mentoring sessions at local Cincinnati schools. The Foundation has partnered with the City Gospel Mission for over 9 years (since 2009) as a site host at Roberts Paideia Academy, in the Price Hill Neighborhood.


Devon Cook, an AMF scholarship winner, works with a young student on reading comprehension.

Every school year, 20 students are paired with AMF volunteer tutors, with the students ranging from kindergartners to 6th grade students. Each pair (tutor and student), meet every Wednesday afternoon. They work on developing basic reading skills and comprehension and learning good faith and character components. At the end of the tutoring session, the Whiz Kids then participate in a group activity. In the past, this has been focused on a theme, such as decorating cookies for Christmas.

For our students who aged out of Whiz Kids, we started Unplugged, a group focused on older students (typically 7th – 8th grade girls). Aligning with Cincinnati Public School initiatives, AMF works with these students weekly on social and emotional learning activities, high school preparation, career exploration and academic assistance. For example, some of our Unplugged students visited the University of Cincinnati, to explore a college campus.


Some of our Unplugged students visiting UC in 2016.

Ready to sign up to tutor? We’re ready for you, all you have to do is follow the link here to sign up. Note, tutors must be at least age 16 and will receive all training necessary by the Foundation and City Gospel Mission.


Detria, a former AMF intern, working with a Whiz Kid on the first day in 2017.

Thanks for checking in this week, we can’t wait to hear more about what our Whiz Kids are doing as the year progresses. Tune in next week for a blog talking about our speakers for our Youth Leadership Seminar in October!


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What’s new with the “Whiz Kids”?

       Whiz Kid Wednesdays

       Every Wednesday throughout the school year, AMF Staff, friends of the foundation and volunteers gather at Roberts Paideia Academy in the heart of Price Hill to tutor 27 young students ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Whiz Kids, a literacy-focused, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring program founded by City Gospel Mission, provides tutors for over 1,250 at-risk students in 64 different schools throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area. Because of the tremendous impact it offers, the average Whiz Kid student advances 3 reading levels each school year; a huge accomplishment for many of our students who live in non-English speaking households and consider English their second language. Countless churches, charities and organizations adopt a public elementary school in the area, and work closely with teachers and administrators to identify and select students who could benefit most from the program and create helpful activities and curriculum. Many tutors have been involved for years, developing positive friendships with their student in hopes of improving their academic performance, reading skills and instilling personal and academic confidence in them. Many of these young, impressionable children come to form very close and meaningful bonds with their tutors, confiding in them and looking to them as a positive role model and example.

When the dismissal bell rings just before 4 p.m., 27 tutors wait anxiously as the stampede of excited students race down the hallway beaming with smiles from ear to ear eager to learn, read and spend time with their tutor. Depending on where the week falls, AMF includes cultural and holiday themes from Christmas gift bags in December, Valentine’s Day cupcakes, goodie bags and crafts in February, a St. Patrick’s Day Party in March, and Easter Egg Hunt in April! This program not only impacts the students who achieve monumental improvements, but the adults granted the opportunity to share in the joy and accomplishments of these passionate children. Each week, as we pack up and head home, we are grateful that it is in fact we who learn so much about life through the courage and work ethic of these young, eager minds and are continually moved by the enthusiasm of this inspiring group of students.