The Whiz Kids are Back!

Gee-whiz, these kids are great! Today, I’m going to talk to you about one of our favorite programs here at AMF – Whiz Kids.

Whiz Kids is a program that was started by City Gospel Mission, to provide at-risk students in the area with tutoring and mentoring sessions at local Cincinnati schools. The Foundation has partnered with the City Gospel Mission for over 9 years (since 2009) as a site host at Roberts Paideia Academy, in the Price Hill Neighborhood.


Devon Cook, an AMF scholarship winner, works with a young student on reading comprehension.

Every school year, 20 students are paired with AMF volunteer tutors, with the students ranging from kindergartners to 6th grade students. Each pair (tutor and student), meet every Wednesday afternoon. They work on developing basic reading skills and comprehension and learning good faith and character components. At the end of the tutoring session, the Whiz Kids then participate in a group activity. In the past, this has been focused on a theme, such as decorating cookies for Christmas.

For our students who aged out of Whiz Kids, we started Unplugged, a group focused on older students (typically 7th – 8th grade girls). Aligning with Cincinnati Public School initiatives, AMF works with these students weekly on social and emotional learning activities, high school preparation, career exploration and academic assistance. For example, some of our Unplugged students visited the University of Cincinnati, to explore a college campus.


Some of our Unplugged students visiting UC in 2016.

Ready to sign up to tutor? We’re ready for you, all you have to do is follow the link here to sign up. Note, tutors must be at least age 16 and will receive all training necessary by the Foundation and City Gospel Mission.


Detria, a former AMF intern, working with a Whiz Kid on the first day in 2017.

Thanks for checking in this week, we can’t wait to hear more about what our Whiz Kids are doing as the year progresses. Tune in next week for a blog talking about our speakers for our Youth Leadership Seminar in October!


Events Intern


Topgolf Tailgate: 2018 Impact

Grateful and blessed. That’s how we’re feeling recently, after our second annual Topgolf Tailgate event this fall. Thanks to our partners, sponsors and guests who attended this event, we were able to raise over $44,000 dollars to help make an ‘Impact for Eternity’ in the lives of tri-state area youth! All of the money we raised goes back to helping with our 8 impact programs, including:


We especially want to thank our event sponsor, Integrity Express Logistics, for helping make this event happen.

The night began with a few of the Bengals greats talking on the ESPN Live 1530 broadcast to Mo Egger about this upcoming football season and past memories from their playing days.

We had raffle and contest opportunities. Event attendees had the change to bid on our fantastic prizes and/or enter to play in the ‘Outscore-A-Bengal’ contest. For the contest, attendees would have a chance to shoot a golf shot against one of three Bengals players: Jim Breech, David Fulcher or Anthony himself. Throughout the night, golfers had the chance to play Topgolf and Top Scramble games.

Congrats to our first place best male and female winners, and the overall best TopScramble team.


However, the fun doesn’t stop there. You can continue to help the Foundation all year long, here’s how!

Shop: AMF is a member of the Kroger Community Rewards program. Enroll your Kroger Plus card and Kroger will donate a percentage of what you spend to the Foundation. Click here to enroll your card. Search by our name: “ACE FOUNDATION” or our account number: XN323 and add us to your account. Then, all you have to do is your grocery shopping, and you’re making an impact!

Volunteer: Our volunteers are an essential part of what we do. We’re currently looking for volunteers for our annual Youth Leadership Seminar on Wednesday, October 17th. Join us to empower more than 1,000 Tri-State high schoolers to reach their leadership potential. Click here to volunteer for our Youth Leadership Seminar.

Donate: We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of our sponsors, partners, donors and YOU. Click here to make your impact.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our Topgolf Tailgate event and its impact. We hope to see you at next year’s tailgate! Tune in next week to learn more about our Whiz Kids program.

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Back to School and Back to YLS!

As everyone returns to school this fall, there is plenty to think about. New classes, new school supplies, and maybe even adjusting to a new school. What’s on our minds at AMF this fall? That YLS is back!

What is YLS, you may ask? It is officially known as our Youth Leadership Seminar, an annual event where more than 1,000 local students from up to 100 tri-state schools come together for a day of engaging speakers, breakout sessions and opportunities to reflect on how they can create change. We’re excited to be back this year, in partnership with Centene Corporation, and the countdown is on to October 17, 2018, at the Crossroads Complex in Mason.

With our theme of ‘Empowerment’ this fall, speakers will self-reflect on what’s empowered them, how it’s made them the community leader they are today and in return how they empower others. We love having our students at this event because they can learn from and communicate with other local students about self-empowerment, leadership and community involvement. This seminar is also important as students develop ideas for how they can positively impact their communities through the AMF Service Challenge.

Check out a blog on past AMF Service Challenge projects here and learn more about the impact our YLS students have made over the years.

Here’s a example of a project that was created after the 2016 YLS Seminar. Bracken High School students created a 24/7 ‘Blessings’ Box that houses items such as non-perishable food, toiletries and baby items, and is open to anyone in the community. The purpose is to leave an item when you can, and take an item when you need it.

Bracken HS project - 2016

Bracken High School students created a community “Blessings Box”. 

We started this event in 2002, and it keeps growing every year. We especially want to recognize those schools that have attended for more than 10 years!


We are looking forward to seeing our students back at YLS this fall. From long-time partners to first-timers, we’re excited for another great year at YLS! If you haven’t registered yet, here’s your chance. We currently have more than 60 tri-state schools registered. If your school is not registered, use the link here to get started.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about YLS. We are excited to see welcome all our students back this year in October and see how they become empowered to create change in their communities. Check back next week for our next blog post on our local tutoring program – Whiz Kids!




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Meet the Interns – Fall 2018!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to fall, and the start of a new school year. A new school year always brings changes, this time, there are some new interns around the AMF office! These interns are ready to help put on the AMF programs and gain beneficial work experience and skills.

We have five interns this fall, who each have their own position and programs they support. As we all know, Netflix can be a college student’s best friend so I asked each of them if they had a favorite Netflix show or if they had a Netflix show about their own life, what would it feature and here’s what they had to say.

Maddie GraphicMy name is Madeline Miller. I am a senior studying Communications, Journalism and Public Relations at the University of Cincinnati. I am from Oregon, Ohio and my role with AMF this fall is the Events Intern and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me on the blog this semester. If I had my own Netflix show, it would be called “What Brings You Joy” and it would feature interviews with interesting and positive people, similar to Oprah’s ‘Soulful Sundays’ show. I love hearing the stories of other people and how they bring joy into others’ lives (by their words, actions, etc.) and I want to share those stories with a large audience.

Kayla Graphic

The next intern is Kayla. Kayla is a junior studying Advertising, Digital Media, and Public Relations at Xavier University. She is from Fairfield, Ohio and her role with AMF is the Youth Leadership Seminar intern. “I enjoy Black Mirror on Netflix because I’m fascinated with technology and it relates to my life since I always try to have the newest gadgets around.”

Morgan Graphic

Next intern up is Morgan Klepper. Morgan is a junior studying Organizational Leadership at the University of Cincinnati. She is from Sandusky, Ohio and her role at AMF is the Program Planning & Development Intern. “If I had my own TV show it would be a talk show and I would probably name it ‘Morning’s with Morgan.’ Even though I’m not a morning person, I love watching talk shows, especially Ellen, so it feature very similar things. “


Liz Graphic

Fourth on the list, is Liz Baenziger. Liz is a senior studying Communications and Public Relations at the University of Cincinnati. She is from Mason, Ohio (Go Comets!) and her roles at AMF include Topgolf Tailgate Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator for Hall of Fame Golf Classic. Her favorite Netflix Show is Gilmore Girls, because “I just really want to be the third Gilmore Girl, so I watch this on Netflix all the time and pretend I live in Stars Hollow. I feel like Rory and Lorelai are my actual friends in real life and we would just drink lots of coffee and talk about books together.”

Sarah GraphicLast but not least, is Sarah Crowley. She is a senior studying Operations Management and Non-Profit Community Leadership at the University of Cincinnati. She is from Cincinnati, and her role with AMF is the Programs Intern, specifically Whiz Kids and Hispanic Character Camp. “My favorite TV show of all time is Friends and conveniently enough I like to think that is what a TV show about my life would look like.  I love my friends and would consider them family.  I value loyalty and would consider being there for someone in good times and bad to be a great honor.  I like to find the silver lining in life and I don’t think there is a problem in the world that can’t be helped by spending time in a comforting place, with great friends, and even greater laughs.”

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We are excited to see what we can accomplish this fall! Check back next week for our next blog post on our biggest event of the year – Youth Leadership Seminar!




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AMF Scholarship Fund Continues to Make Impact Through the Years

Whether a senior yourself, or know someone who is graduating high school this year, we have a great scholarship opportunity! Our Scholarship Fund awards multiple $20,000 scholarships to students from around our Area of Impact looking to continue their education at a local college.

So, what makes this scholarship so great?

  • This is an annual scholarship at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation that has been impacting lives since 2003.
  • Through the years, the scholarship has awarded over one million dollars to deserving students.
  • Past recipients have gone on to continue their education at thirteen different colleges. Not only that, but these recipients have represented 53 different high schools through the years.
  • Currently, there are 26 students making an impact through the Scholarship Fund

Take a look at some awesome impact stories from past Scholarship Fund recipients!


Growing up, Alma struggled with acclimating to a new country and new language. Despite that, she persevered. In 2012, Alma graduated from Hamilton High School and received the Foundation’s $20,000 scholarship. Alma attended Northern Kentucky University, where she graduated in 2016 with a degree in Chemistry, and a 4.0! During her time in undergrad, Alma gave back to the Foundation as a Whiz Kids tutor. Now, five years after Alma received our scholarship, she is in her second year at Harvard Medical School.


Meet Devon Cook. He is a 2016 Brookville High School graduate and Scholarship Fund recipient. He now attends the University of Dayton. Devon has continued to give back to the Foundation by volunteering at our weekly Whiz Kids tutoring program. We’re excited to continue to follow Devon’s story and see the impact he’s going to make in his community.


Victor is one of our Impact Program students who has grown along with us. In 2011, he attended our Hispanic Character Camp as a 7th grader. Five years later in 2016, Victor graduated from Colerain High School and was recognized as one of our AMF Scholarship Fund recipients. In 2017, Victor returned to Hispanic Character Camp.   This time, as a coach.

We have loved seeing what our past scholarship recipients have gone on to do, and we are excited to see what our 2018 winners will have in store!

For more eligibility requirements and the application, visit our website today!

Congratulations to our 2018 Straight “A” Finalists!

This year, the Straight “A” Scholarship received more than 320 nominations from 118 local high schools. From those hundreds of nominations, 18 deserving finalists were chosen by our selection committee. The finalists were chosen based on their Academic excellence, Athletic achievement, winning Attitude, and strong Ambition, all while overcoming Adversity and continuing to Actively serve the community.

We are excited to announce the 18 deserving finalists of the 2018 Straight “A’ Scholarship! Congratulations to all those selected!


Each finalist will receive $2,000 towards their college education. In addition, Anthony will choose one male and one female overall winner to receive an additional $3,000 to further their education, for a total of $5,000. On April 24th, we will recognize these seniors at a luncheon hosted at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. Congratulations to all the finalists again! We are excited to acknowledge your accomplishments and support your future impact!

Stay tuned for more on our finalists!

A Look Into #WhizKidsWednesday

Here at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation we have many programs that impact the Tri-State youth but, one of my personal favorite programs is Whiz Kids. In partnership with City Gospel Mission this program is in its 8th year. Every Wednesday, our volunteers go to Roberts Paideia Academy in Price Hill to tutor students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. During their time together, the tutor focuses one-on-one with their Whiz Kid and helps them with their reading skills and comprehension.

WK Blog2

This semester I am a tutor for Miguel. He is in 3rd grade and one brightest kids that I know. Every week, Miguel greets me with big smile and he is always the first one to sit down and begin reading his book. Tutoring Miguel is a blast because he loves to read his books and always wants to discuss what is happening in the book or at school! Miguel keeps me on my toes at all times and always makes Whiz Kids exciting.

WK Blog1

If it wasn’t for City Gospel Mission, we would not be involved with the Whiz Kids Program. City Gospel Mission is a non-profit that places focus on the homeless and people involved in the cycle of poverty. One of their main focuses is the tutoring and mentoring of at-risk youth in the Tri-State area.

WK Blog3

Every year we are in need of new tutors and if you wish to tutor, the link to sign up can be found here. Previous tutoring experience is not required to become a Whiz Kids tutor. City Gospel Mission provides the Whiz Kids tutors with training before the first day.

Tutors must be 16 years old or older and the program runs at Roberts Paideia Academy every Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. – 5:20 p.m.

Next week we read all about the Straight ‘A’ Scholarship from Meggie!

-Ryan Quilty