Goodbye, Interns.

Welcome back, Readers. With the end of the semester comes the moment we all knew was coming: a final goodbye to our Fall 2019 interns. It has been a semester filled with laughs, hard work, and impact. Since we now have to say goodbye to our interns, I thought we should hear from each of them about what their AMF experience was like this semester. To do so, I asked them to answer three simple questions:


What was your favorite moment/event this semester?


My favorite moment during my time interning for AMF was when I took a step back during YLS and just saw all of the students and teachers having a great time. Everyone was dancing or socializing and it just made me feel like all of the hard work was worth it. Watching all of the students engage in their breakout sessions and reading what the students had written to their younger selves during YLS was amazing.


I think that my favorite event from these past four months was the Topgolf Tailgate! The Topgolf Tailgate happened in early September and was the first event I had the opportunity to experience at the foundation. It was my favorite event because It allowed me to really get to know all the full-time staff here at the foundation as well as the interns. My favorite moment during this internship was every time I stepped into Roberts before Whiz Kids started. Not many other internships provide the experience I obtained working with the kids from Roberts and that is something I am grateful for


My favorite moment at AMF was the Youth Leadership Seminar, and seeing people use the Snapchat filter I created for the event was really cool.


My favorite event of my Fall semester with AMF was Youth Leadership Seminar because I did a lot of social media preparation for it and it was really cool to see all that hard work come to life, and to see how people were actually engaging with the content I created. It was also just a really cool experience to see the students really embracing everything the speakers had to say and fully engaging in the breakout session activities.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at AMF?


The most valuable things that I learned during my time at AMF is being able to navigate Excel better and being able to use Mail Merge for mass emails. I know I will use these skills in my future so I am grateful that I was able to learn them at AMF.


The most valuable thing I learned throughout my internship experience is the massive importance scheduling and organization holds when multitasking. Working at the Anthony Munoz Foundation gave me an appreciation for how much work it takes to set up these amazing events (Topgolf Tailgate, Partner Dinner, YLS, HCC). Without emphasizing the importance of scheduling and organization it would be impossible to keep straight and be successful in all the logistics, planning, and communication it takes to develop and execute these events.


The most valuable thing I learned while working at AMF is that working towards a goal that inspires the community and people around you is the best kind of work there is. It is so rewarding to see the people who are positively affected by the events we have hosted and the work we have done.


The most valuable thing I learned this semester was the importance of organization. I had a lot of responsibilities to juggle and I was taught how to prioritize those tasks in order to meet deadlines. It was also incredibly valuable to learn how to do metrics through social media platforms. This allowed me to see the true impact I was making on the Foundation’s followers and that was really cool to see.

What’s next for you?


In the next year or so I hope to find a summer marketing internship. I hope that I get accepted into the 1-year Masters program at UC for IO Psychology. I also was recently elected the Panhellenic Delegate for my Sorority where I will be the connection between my chapter and all other chapters on campus so I know I will be busy with that in the upcoming future. Lastly, by the end of 2020 I hope to have my first publication in the research world. I am looking forward to see what the future holds and I would like to thank AMF for helping me grow personally and professionally.


I am completing my final semester at Xavier University where I will be graduating this upcoming May. I will be spending the next couple months working on my full time job search as well as enjoying my last semester at Xavier with my friends.


I will be finishing my final semester at UC this spring and graduating!!


I will be joining AMF for another semester, where I will continue to develop content for the various social media platforms we post on and write for blogs like this one. I will also be overseeing the AMF Scholarship Fund. I could not be more excited to see where my next semester with the Foundation takes me!


And that’s a wrap! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, and I will see you all in the new year!

Until we meet again,




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