Talawanda High School Makes everyday Service Challenge Friday

Talawanda knows just how to help those in need and make everyday Service Challenge Friday.  Talawanda has been an important part of YLS by attending since 2005! Students who attended the Youth Leadership Seminar in collaboration with several other high schoolers came up with an idea to “Split the Pot” at their men and women’s basketball games to help local families in need.  Students used the money raised to purchase foods and other goods as well as items generously donated from Kroger, Walmart and the Future Farmers of America to fill what they called, “Braves Baskets”.  The students presented these baskets to the district principals who then gave them to the Imagelocal families.

Special thanks to Denise Zimmerman who helped provide the information for this blog and who also let me know how busy all of these students were but still managed to go to planning meetings and create these baskets for those in need.

Awesome job, Talawanda!  Good luck with your future plans in continuing the project.

Remember Hamilton High School? We’ll catch up with their project for this year next week. Stay tuned!


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