Where Are They Now Wednesday!

Welcome, to the first ever “Where Are They Now Wednesday” blog post! Each Wednesday we will be catching up with previous winners of the Straight “A” Scholarship and the Scholarship Fund.  We will be posting where they are today and the things they have accomplished.

Our first post will be dedicated to Mandy Alexander who won the Straight “A” Scholarship award in 2005. The Straight “A” Scholarship is awarded to students who are:

  • Pursuing Academic excellence as well as Athletic achievement
  • Actively serving the community
  • Possessing a strong Ambition
  • Maintaining a winning Attitude
  • Having the ability to overcome Adversity

Since winning the Straight “A” Scholarship Mandy has gone on to do some really incredible things. After Mandy graduated from Kings High School, she went on to Davidson College in North Carolina where she played D1 basketball. She was on the ImageSoCon Honor Roll and Academic All-SoCon Team all four years. In her senior year at Davidson, she won the team’s leadership award.

After college, Mandy took a summer to work at an orphanage in Bolivia. She also participated in a year-long program through a local church in Falls Church, VA, which gave her the opportunity to volunteer with a church youth group and take seminary classes.  After graduating in 2010, she headed back to Bolivia for a second summer.  Mandy is now a marketing coordinator in Northern Virginia, married and living in a dorm as a dorm parent with her husband at an all-boys boarding school in Orange, VA. She is also attending Darden School of Business at UVA and will graduate in 2014 with her MBA.

“I was extremely grateful for the Munoz Foundation and their mission – to impact mentally, physically, and spiritually. I think it has impacted the way I want to influence and impact the community around me.” –Mandy

Mandy, thank you so much for updating us on the amazing things you have accomplished and we hope for only good things for you in the future!

If you know a student that you would like to nominate for the Straight “A” Scholarship or would like to find more information about this award please visit our website: www.munozfoundation.org.

Next Wednesday, Scholarship Fund winner Brittney Miller will be guest blogging. See you then!

Mike Rizio
New Blogger/Programs Intern

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