High Schools Inspiring Community Involvement: Part 1

Our Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) has inspired many Tri-State schools to go out into their community and make a difference one Service Challenge Project (SCP) at a time. Below are the 5 schools who are not only dedicated to YLS, but making an impact in their community as well!  Let’s put the spotlight on some of the schools for how many years they’ve been to the event!

Aiken High School: 9 Years

AMF is proud to be able to see firsthand the positive impact Aiken High School has undoubtedly made in their community. Counselor, Sandi Horine, and her YLS group have been outstanding with their past SCP, including one completed this past February which focused on raising awareness against local gun violence.

Read more about it here!


Amelia High School: 9 Years 

Amelia has proven loyal to their school’s commitment to have students “stretch their learning to show what they can do as they become more responsible world citizens.” (AEP Vision Statement)  What we can say is that they are definitely on the right track, especially with service challenge projects like 2012’s canned food drive which collected over 4,000 non-perishable food items, and 2013’s Amelia Ambassadors Program!


Anderson High School: 9 Years

Needless to say, YLS would be nothing without all the great faculty leading students. Anderson High School’s Pat Thatcher is just one example of an exceptional, motivated YLS moderator. She’s lead the way in helping her students inspire their community with projects like a donkey basketball fundraiser and the school-wide Christmas present drive.


Bracken County High School: 8 Years

Winners of the 2012 Service Challenge Project, Bracken High School is an outstanding example of what it means to spark a passion in your community. Their “No Text on Board-It Can Wait!” campaign educated many throughout their community about the dangers of distracted driving. “It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your school normally does, if you have a great idea and a few friends to help you, you can do it no matter what.” –BHS Student

Check out their winning Service Challenge Project here!

bracken county

Franklin High School:  6 Years

Franklin High School was the 2012 runner-up for the SCP, opening a library for Kindergarten students whose library’s funding was cut. This is a great example for younger students as it shows great leadership skills within the community!

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These are just a few of our most active YLS schools! Make sure you tune in next week to see more schools under the spotlight!

Jemannie Luong

Experience Intern


Don’t miss out on Youth Leadership Seminar 2014!

As you know, Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) 2014 is approaching quickly and we can’t wait!

YLS is an event where over 1,300 students from high schools across the Tri-State join us at Xavier University’s Cintas Center for a day of leadership development. By coming to YLS, you are exposed to student involvement, you have a sense of outreach to community and excitement for leadership. YLS helps students to develop into successful young men and women. You don’t want to miss your chance to make that happen.

Here are some reasons why you should come join us this year at YLS 2014:

1. Last year was such a success, make this one even better!

YLS 2013 was our biggest Youth Leadership Seminar yet. Young men and women learn so much from this great event and it puts them in a position to really succeed. It’s a fun filled day with amazing speakers that will give you insight that will last you a lifetime. Last year we were trending throughout Cincinnati with hash-tags like #AMFchallenge and #PluggedIn2013. At YLS Chick-fil-A sponsors us and provides the lunch. We had the largest chicken dance along with cow selfies last year!


the story from the lens (1)


2. More Speakers!

This year we will be adding something new to the mix at YLS. Instead of having one speaker in the morning and two in the afternoon, we will be bringing in 6 TedxCincinnati speakers in the afternoon. TEDx is a series of speakers who talk about all kinds of different topics. Check out a quick video of a TEDx talk here. Some speakers are motivational speakers, some talk about issues they have had themselves in life and about other topics that are important to us as listeners. You won’t want to miss this!

3. Experience of a Lifetime

YLS really teaches students the importance of being a leader and taking control. The students that attend this event are left with a service challenge at the end of the day. They are challenged to go out into their community and do something to either inspire people or help others. Last year 30 schools executed service projects helping thousands in the Tri-State area. While learning the importance of being a leader, you get to meet other student leaders while rocking out to KJ-52 and bonding with other students around you. 

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4. Special Bonus

At YLS there is a special bonus that students love! We give away swag bags that include coupons and other little things that you can use around the Cincinnati area.

Click here to see if your school is registered! It’s a great opportunity and will be an experience you will never forget!

Hope to see you there!

Caroline Wydysh

Events Intern


What It’s Like From the Other Side

Transformation from a high school student at Youth Leadership Seminar to an Anthony Muñoz Foundation intern

Rewind back to 2009, when Sean Witzgall was a student at Harrison High School. Sean was lucky enough to attend the Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) themed “G.E.T. M.A.D. Get Everyone To Make A Difference.” Well, after that seminar, he got so “mad” that he ended up becoming a great leader and role model for others. Fast forward to now, 2014, he is an intern at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation! Of course we wanted to know more, so we asked him a few questions:


1.What about YLS do you remember most?

   At YLS, there was a speaker named Matthew Kelly. He talked about making the best version of yourself and gave everyone a free book, which I still read to this day.

2. In 2009, the YLS theme was “G.E.T. M.A.D.- Get Everyone To Make A Difference” What did you “G.E.T. M.A.D.” about?

I got “M.A.D.” about applying my leadership skills in high school. I started an organized student section called “The Den.” The Den is a group that got more students to come to sporting events and had organized themes and cheers. It brought the spirit of the school together.

3. How does it feel to intern at the Anthony Muñoz Foundation, especially since you attended YLS in 2009?

It’s pretty cool to have the connection. Now I am on the other side, and I can make a difference for these kids now.

4. This upcoming YLS’s theme is “Spark”. So what about the Anthony Muñoz Foundation sparks you?

At the Anthony Muñoz Foundation, it is always a positive environment, and creates a good place to make connections.

5. What would you tell others about YLS?

The impact that the seminar made can make you realize the importance of leadership. YLS hit home for me.

Sean Get Mad pic

6. How has your life changed since “G.E.T. M.A.D.?”

I became more of a leader, I take on greater challenges and pursue leadership. I changed my major to Organizational Leadership which I will be graduating with in December from Northern Kentucky University.

Without a doubt, Sean has gone on to become a leader in his community and high school. His experience led him on to having an enjoyable college experience and has allowed him to grow even more! Seeing how Sean has used his “Spark” to become a leader, we couldn’t be more excited to see all the leaders create their own spark at YLS this year! #SparkCincy



Sean is in the last row, 4th from the left.

Kristen Ludwig
Programs Intern


From PluggedIn to Finding Your Spark…

We here at AMF are buzzing with excitement in preparation for the 13th annual Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS)! Following the success of last year’s YLS, we cannot be more thrilled to announce an even bigger, better, more jam-packed YLS than ever before.

2013 (3)

Last year’s YLS was all about getting Plugged In (#PluggedIn2013). Over 1,300 students from 96 high schools in the Tri-State area gathered at the Cintas Center. They spent the day rocking out to music from KJ52, learning valuable life lessons from four wonderful guest speakers, and enjoying a delicious Chick-fil-A lunch.Students were also challenged to develop a Service Challenge Project which would enable them to positively impact their communities. Needless to say, high school students from all over the local area did a fantastic job giving back to and inspiring their community.

Check out our 2013 recap video here!

AMF is eager to relive the excitement. With schools already beginning to register for the event, we are delighted to reveal the theme for this year’s YLS.

Spark. This year we challenge students to find what sparks them. Everyone has something that motivates them. It can be a desire to be creative, a wish to create change, a need to inspire, a burning passion, an outpouring of ideas, or even the opportunity to create a transformation of sorts. Whatever it is, we encourage students to start thinking about what sparks them; what lights the fire within you?   


Spark also introduces something new to the YLS event: TED Talks. TED Talks are nationally known as inspiring lectures that promote the organization’s slogan, “ideas worth spreading”. AMF has teamed up with Tedx Cincinnati to provide a great line up of speakers that will discuss with students the idea behind spark including creativity, change, inspiration, passion, ideas, and transformation.

Never seen a Ted Talk? Check out this quick TEDx Cincinnati talk by Libby Hunter of Wordplay! 

So far 23 high schools have registered for this year’s YLS. We want to break last year’s record and have more than 100 schools attend the event. So quick! Spread the news and make sure to visit munozfoundation.org to make sure your school is registered! Spark is coming soon to a Cintas Center near you!

Jemannie Luong
Experience Intern

Shout Out to our 2014 $20,000 Scholarship Winners!

Ring Ring…It’s Your Future Calling!

       It’s not every day that your school’s athletic trainer interrupts your last bell with an important phone call, only to see Anthony Muñoz staring back at you through the screen on FaceTime. For one lucky and remarkably deserving student, that was just the case this past Friday at St. Xavier High School, in senior, Delrico Hill’s Finance class. Check out his pleasantly surprised (and slightly shocked!) reaction!


        Our annual Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund awards multiple Tri-State seniors with $20,000 for continuing their college education at the college level. We had a blast surprising each of our seven winners with the exciting news and managed to capture all of the memories on camera! All of our winners visited our headquarters last week for an in-depth interview with our official selection committee, including Anthony himself. We were blown away with the amount of outstanding candidates who applied this year making it incredibly difficult to choose just six so… we are giving away an additional scholarship for a grand total of $140,000! Although we wish we could award every deserving student who applies, we are confident that these students will accomplish remarkable success in their college careers and bright future!

 And a big CONGRATULATIONS to our Super Seven!

Logan Frederick, Clinton-Massie High School

Delrico Hill, Saint Xavier High School

Matthew Krabacher, Badin High School

Austin Morgan, New Miami High School

Jodi Seale, Felicity-Franklin High School

Andrew Rudd, Franklin High School

Dezire Lowry, Purcell Marian High School

Don’t forget to keep up with us on Twitter @munozfoundation to experience more announcement videos and introduce you to our super seven!